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    ITs all changed so much since getting the boys – Honey has pretty much taken a back seat ( unless one REALLY steps out of line haha) Dexter has just kind of stepped up – has bee very interesting, i was suprised i didnt think hoey would let it go that easy but she has, and hers and dexters relationship has REALLY changed, she plays with him now, which she never really did before, dex keeps all the others in check – and interestingly despite being the youngest popeye has come in and takes NO crap from manny the poodle – but is a lot more respectful of dexter he never ever pushes the boundaries there. Manny seems very happy with his place at the bottom……

    everyone said i was crazy having all the boys but touch wood so far they are just fab together, dex really is the golden boy though – he has a very special place in my heart, everyone says to me you cant have a favourite and maybe its wrong but he is, just something about him  :-*  :-*


    >:( >:( >:( Wheres the pics? hmmmm? ;D ;D


    lol here ya go

    the little dude –

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]

    Manny at a grooming comp the other week

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    The golden boy!!

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    and the darling girl x

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    what a lovely pack  ;D dont forget the cats lol  😀

    I think you defo need a new signature pic now Suz  😉


    will post new pics of the cts whe i pick them up on weds – new picks of the demon that is oscar too! ( lhis latest is turning on the hot water tp for a drink then leaving it dripping all day – and totally DESTROYING my net curtain!!!)


    The Diva still looks pee’d off being clean

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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