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    things with max are going slowly but hopefully in the right direction.
    he now will greet the face and playbow before getting silly and rough, as before, he would go straight for the bum with no finesse.  but, he will not let other dogs sniff him. he acts like he’s been goosed if a dog manages to get behind and spins around and jumps on them. yesterday, i encouraged him to face me while this other dog hes greeted before had a sniff and he parked his bum lol.
    none of these meets have progressed to play because it is a lead on park as it is very small and full of kids a lot of the time. when he has played hes using his weight and plays rough.

    he’s a big bold dog and rather heavy handed, in fact he’s getting more so rather than less which can be rather intimidating to other dogs (and their owners, its usual for them to avoid us). having said that, we bumped into a puppy lab outside the vets and he was alot more steady. then he went to jump on it  :-\

    So, how did your dog learn the protocol and does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do to help?


    Has he never been ‘put in his place’ so to speak? Am lucky that Loki is quite responsive to the reaction he gets from another dog… if he is ignores – told to go away or similar – he will… equally he will play rough with a couple of labs that he always plays rough with… i have noticed that the other dogs don’t react differently to others – they always try to play rough – whereas Loki seems to adapt…  I have no idea why he is differnt – I think I am lucky.

    But my parent dog is very good at telling him what he can and can’t do… maybe max just hasn’t ever had that?  :-\

    Am sure others will have more helpful advice.



    Loki adapts because thats what he’s learned – to be flexible 🙂

    when a dog gets behind him are you managing the situation or just letting the dog sniff him – how is he managing to jump round and jump on the other dog on a lead ?

    claire x


    he reponds if the message is clear enough…..but…maybe a bit more of something in there at the moment re nose up his bum…he been a bit tender there of late…he may be still sensitsed to it….start to touch him around there …while feeding or grooming…de-sensitise in other words…


    he he – rather you than me  😮 😮 😮  🙂


    Not much help but a question – HOney will only let the odd dog do the bum sniff, she certainly dont like it – so why some and not tohers  ???


    it depends on the communication that has gone on prior…how secure the dog feels, a possible threat to status, a possible threat of injury etc….i never do the forced you will be greeted this way…it is the dog’s decision


    :ok: thanks Bev


    as humans we have this what to me is an odd conception that all dogs should like all other dogs…they dont of course…but we sometimes need to help them get the balance…a dog that doesnt like any other dogs has a problem…a dog like max that does but hates the doing needs a bit of help…a dog like cubert that has no fear needs a bit of help….a dog that bullies in needs a bit of help etc


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=14021.msg265074#msg265074 date=1238609159]
    he reponds if the message is clear enough…..but…maybe a bit more of something in there at the moment re nose up his bum…he been a bit tender there of late…he may be still sensitsed to it….start to touch him around there …while feeding or grooming…de-sensitise in other words…

    he has always been funny about his back end, though for a good reason from last month lol.  he now is happier when i brush around the tail end and have been *cough* stoking him there when we have a cuddle. also tickling his feathers. am glad i’m doing the right thing.

    the other dog really has to tell him but it hardly gets to that point as the other owner tells their dog off most of the time so i have to judge what the owner is going to do rather than the dog. even then he doesnt want to believe it.

    max manages to turn round because i am not holding him down.

    i approach calm dogs and likely looking owners if the situation is right. i do not go in from the front, we arc. when he starts getting overexcited, we walk away.

    i’m sure theres more i do so what else can i do to help him along?


    i remember when he first met cubes he did the rush to put nose up bum and cubert stood and wagged tail but his hackles did come up…i hadnt seen that before and havnt seen it since…but the daft dog has no fear so he waited it through….but yep when cubes then went to sniff max max did do the spin but he turned it into a play bow….after the manic first play max did allow cubert to sniff his back end….there was reluctance but he did allow it….i guess max has learnt that he is only comfortable with a nose up bum if he has been assured that there is absolutely totally no threat etc…

    am going to have a think about this….so bump this later…but i am wondering if that is the cue/reduce anxiety point….that with a dog that he has accepted having gone through the ritual as HE does…then that is the starting point to increase his confidence in the hope that the classical behaviour will turn operant…if you with me…because i do think this behaviour of his is locked at the classical stage and the medical problems he has had has not allowed the natural progression of making a choice…like suz is saying that the diva does for example….


    food for thought for today then  ;D brain needed waking up a bit…will have a think ;D


    ;D was chattering to mo while i was typing that…trying to explain  ;D as she fell for him and likes to know when you post

    she said …uh…. :what:  what cue then…you going to stand there saying ok sniff arses good sniff arse… :butt: :butt:


    just spat my toast out!!


    did he deliver it back to hand  ;D


    he looked at me funny

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