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The Runs & Sickness

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    Beau has the runs again  ::) they started Friday afternoon, so he was on mash & lamb mince over the weekend after a day starving, it seemed to be starting to firm up but then not (if that makes sense) still loads of gloop coming out, yesterdays that were part firmish (shaped) and part wet were really dark brown in colour, todays is normal light brown again  :-\ and then this morning he was sick in bed brownish yellow in colour some food came up in alot of bile (don’t worry izzie i’ll wash the quilt before you come)  😉

    not sure what to do, the vets said nothing out of the ordinary going on with walney dogs so not sure what to do  :-\ bev is that all sounding ordinary to you? maybe keep up the mash for a couple more days? also is there anything else other than selenium & vit e i should be giving?

    Just don’t want to leave things and izzie end up having to deal when i go on Saturday  :-\ oh and we haven’t started to pack or anything yet (not that that bothers him as he has always been with us) so in fact he thinks packing means somewhere cool for him  🙁


    Poor Lad, dont worry can manage poorly dogs.  🙂

    What have you got on him on at the moment?


    today i told dad to feed just fish (white fish boiled) nothing else he seemed to be responding to just mash & lamb mince but not as well as usual, normally he’s right as rain in a day or two.


    I would drop the lamb and fish for a few days and just have him on mash and boiled chicken – lots of little meals rather than big meals at a time. 

    Sounds as though he has eaten something that his tummy does not like or has a gastric bug.  Either way only thing is to wait until it is out of his system. 

    Is he bouncy or got any hot spots?  Nacho used to drive me crazy with upset stomachs when he was younger – I give him mash a couple of times a week and it keeps the upsets at bay.  😉


    he won’t actually eat mash & chicken he’ll pick out the chicken at best but generally just sighs and walks away  ::)

    he has was panting loads and hot Friday night but thats gone and he is bouncy when out (but he would be even if he had 4 broken legs) hot spots he has loads and can’t really feel anything out of the ordinary, his head feels ok unlike Friday, so maybe he fighting it and getting a little better?

    he hates mash unless there is a probiotic yoghurt mixed in, but he’ll eat mash with lamb mince, not tried mash and chicken mince, but he doesn’t seem to actually like chicken very much  ::) raw or cooked  🙂


    lamb quite high in fat – fat = oil = can make doggie loose – I would ditch the lamb and add the yoghurt at least until his tummy isnt working so hard  :-*


    hmm how about chicken mince with mash and then a little pro biotic, the pro biotic won’t harm at this time anyway will it if his tum is fighting a bug? i usually give afterwards when he is firm again


    if he doesnt like chicken just give mash and yoghurt until he completely settles – the yoghurt will do him no harm


    ok will do that thanks  ;D  :-*


    Poor Beau, hope he’s better soon  :-*


    thanks we spent all evening with a very sulky dog and i listened to his tummy making loud noises all night  ::) poor lad, but he’s had brekkie and was alot happier  ;D


    small meals and often  😉


    aww poorly Beau  :'( hope your tummy is better soon  :-*


    Mudgie is right although lamb is a breed food it is fatty, I would stick to the fish and mash that way he gets something he will eat and also something that is good for him.
    Does he like Malaska honey if he does give him some first thing in the morning just a spoonful it’s a good bug killer


    If you give Manuka honey do not give it with the live yoghurt as of course the honey will kill the bateria in the yoghurt………….

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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