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    Molly had a tick on our back paw about 3 weeks ago that was really big.  I took her to the vet who removed the tick and gave her antibiotics.  She now has a lump on her paw where the tick had been and has been given a gel to use.  I have been using the gel for a week and the lump is still there so we went back to the vet again today and she told us to use the gel until next Tuesday and if the lump is still there she will admit Molly into the surgery and sedate her in order to cut it away.  She is hoping the gel will have worked by next week so she will not have to do this surgery.


    did she leave the head in perhaps ??

    i’ve managed to get a tick out with a fondue fork before now 😉 😉  under instruction over the phone !!

    claire x


    some one once rushed into pets at home to use the vets to get a tick removed they had a total panic on when i told them that we didnt have a vets – so i asked whats wrong – did it myself and they gave me a £20 tip  ::) all for removing a tick  😀


    The vet said it was Molly’s body reacting to the tick.


    remove the lump why on earth and why antibis?

    anyway honey reacts like that – been known to have lumps for up to a month after  :yes:


    The vet wouldn’t normally give antibiotics but as ticks can cause infections and Molly already had Addisons Disease she didn’t want to take any risk of infection with Molly.


    Murph’s had ticks, got them out, cleaned with TCP and kept putting aloe vera gel on – worked a treat in our case thankfully, nasty little blighters  😛


    This worries me a little, when I brush Toby I check him all over really thoroughly but worried he might get one one day and I’ll miss it – or would he let me know by fussing it?


    You’ll feel it in his coat  🙂

    Our GSD ben had a tick above his eye the other week, his mam tried pulling it out before i got there and left the head in  :-\  the vet gave her anti bi’s for him.  I picked him up the other day and it was swollen and by the time we got back from our walk it was bleeding, now he’s got a crater in his head!  🙁


    hate ticks really do had so many crawling over me they little nasty spiders and i HATE spiders!

    anyway they easy dealt with, don’t over panic re lump is normal and yeah anyone would react to a tick bite they horrid and i don’t know a dog that doesn’t get a lump after being bitten by one beau gets them all the time some clear in days some take weeks he a lumpy bumpy boy during tick season but val’s spray really does help, i found they went on but jumped off as soon as they could (often onto me  :vomit: )

    angela don’t worry they fuss at them and scrat and you can feel them even if the real tiny ones  😉

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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