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    i have only ever had two cars – first one – exhaust went with in weeks – guess what just happened to this car  >:D completely snapped in half underneath, sounded very impressive driving it to the garage  😀 wouldnt mind but only had it three weeks  ::) just sat waiting for it to get fixed…………..so that i can go to work and somehow catch up  😛


    Oh dear… have you taken it back to the place you bought it? Hope they replace it no questions asked  >:D


    no they wont that is covered in warrenty apparently? it down at our garage getting replaced quickly – i am too busy to wait so just got them to do it soon as  :yes:


    then make sure you bill them  😉


    that happened to me with my saxo a few years ago, just driving along then all of a sudden it sounded like one of those really bad charva exhausts  ::)  😀


    Cant Christine – exhaust going is one of those things, it passed an mot so no reason to assume there was any sign of damage – i just unlucky  ::)

    to be honest tomorrow can only be better, and i am waiting for something to come through the door and if it doesnt there is going to be huge trouble for someone  >:(

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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