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    Remember tjhoe, Tracey & Barney? Can’t remember why she left but pretty sure it was to do with Parker  ::) Ayway I’ve let her in, just one to keep an eye on possibly  ;D


    Yep she left with parker  :ok: take care


    Ummm will leave it with you guys as wasnt a member then  ;D


    Yep she went with Parker – it will go one of two ways – be fine, or something will be said to kick off an argument and she will comment how ‘now she remembers why she left’ and go  >:D



    Yep, lets see how long she lasts  😀


    she is a pain in the arse…she asks for help doesnt like answer…has no clue on how to keep a dog let alone a badly bred shep…if she back she wants some thing…either that or claire has suggested she comes back


    Bev shes getting a new dog ( according to one post) i betting thats the reason shes back, knows she wont get beter help than here,  ::)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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