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    Okaay, I’ve read lots of stuff on here about people clipping their dogs’ nails, and it kinda seems like it’s a thing that would definitely be recommended to do. 

    Er, I’ve never clipped Rafe’s nails.  (Or washed him, but that’s a different matter!!)

    I don’t think he needs it.  If his nails are short (naturally worn down) is there any need to think about trimming them?  I can only imagine it’d end up causing them to bleed, and I can’t see a reason why I would…. but so many other people do I’m wondering if I’m missing anything!!

    (And he does get hosed down with water… just no shampoo.  And I do brush him… Just in case anyone thought he was a poor neglected puppy!)


    As long as his nails dont touch the floor when he stands they should be fine, have to do my 2’s as they dont really get much pavement walking, we go most places in the car(spoilt) then straight out onto grass!


    It all depends on the individual dog; all mine appear to grow toenails for GB despite lots of road work next to me on the bike.

    I also admit to a fetish for short nails I LOATHE long nails so trim every week!


    I don’t trim Izzy’s, her nails seem to be naturally short, good job, i can’t stand long claws!


    i only trim stans nails if needed, i check them most weeks to check length and condition but only trim them if needed.



    worry not – Rafe is perfect as he is and if it aint broke dont fix it 😀

    seriously… his nails are fine – i promise you 🙂  and he dont need shampoo, no reason to.

    claire x 


    i don’t do dodgers, we do a lot of pavement walking :yes:


    Cheers!!  Nothing like a bit of reassurance that you aren’t cocking it up royally!!

    I’ll just leave them as they are then.  Phew!


    Sore subject!!  ;D Piper hates having hers done, luckliy they wear down quite well and never get too long, the VN clipped them on Saturday while she was under having stitches in her leg but she even said they weren’t too bad to worry about – just though it was the perfect opportunity to snip off the ends  ;D


    yes leave if not needed – you can always post a pic of his nails if your really worried  🙂


    suz …. i only felt paws 😉  think they fine !


    im sure they are claire – i will double check in march if rafes mummy wants?  :-*


    i dont mind having a look but i’m betting they’re black and NO WAY am i doing them if they need it !!!

    i have all white nails for a reason lol !!!! 😀 😀 😀


    roflol Claire  ;D  ;D


    I’m pretty sure they don’t need it, to be honest!  I just can’t imagine ever needing to with him as they never grow long.  Thought I’d ask anyway tho coz the last thing you want is to have got it wrong with your dog because you didn’t ask!

    Suz, if you’re planning to come with us it won’t just be his paws you see close up… you’ll see how clean and sparkling white his teeth are as he’s trying to give you a Rafebath with his tongue!!  (And I don’t clean those either, but he gets bones and chewy things, and really loves stripping the bark off sticks… he has v clean teeth!)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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