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    I am supposed to be going to Ring Craft tonight but its freezing out. It would be OK if I had a car. But waiting at a bus stop in this weather is horrible . I did not go last week ether as I was feeling unwell, but we did go to the club match on the Monday. I will have to make shore I go next week now. Lets hope its not as cold. The worst part is getting the bus back as its late 9.30pm and dark and in a very quite place. I hate waiting for the bus home on my own, and I worry about someone trying to take zhaan. I do get a lift now and then but not very often. Will do some training in the house tonight ,though there’s not much room to gait. Took zhaan for a short walk earlier but even she was not happy about it being so cold, she likes sitting by the fire. Some Spitz lol.


    good lord , whatever you do , don’t move here  😉


    hehe where do you live?


    canada lol !!!!!!!!!


    And if you look at the Sadie pic at the bottom of his sig – it gets plenty snowy.  😮 ;D


    what I hate about UK weather is that it changes so quickly you don’t get time to adjust. in the summer it can go from cold to hot over night and by the time you are just getting used to the heat it gets cold again. This week the weather has gone really cold, and I was just not ready for it, now I am sneezing urrr


    I wish it would snow, it  gets warmer here when it snows, witch is why we say its to cold for snow. I was hoping for snow so I can take a photo of zhaan playing in it    :happy:


    :nono: no snow please  :scared:

    Is cold here too – been freezing my backside off best part of the day! labrador puppy cuddles made up for that though  :yes:


    hehe yes i go to bed with an Elkhound one side of me a chihuahua the other side and a cat by my feet. its so cosy 🙂


    I been taking a hot water bottle to bed – shows its cold i normally have window open all year – Honey helps keep my feet warm though  ;D


    can i have your snow when it comes then Suz ;D we just looove the snow and i got my fav piccie of dodge when it was snowing :yes:


    you certainly can Laura will send it your way if it appears  😀


    I love snow too!  I’ve been out with my thermal longjohns on this week! LOL!  😀

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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