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    waiting for something….  ;D

    answers to emails and pm’s
    mentor stuff
    assessment reports etc etc

    give me until this afternoon/evening …need to sort out my head  :ok: well try to at any rate…. 😀


    I read that first line and thought another pupster was on way  ;D

    Its my birthday next weekend  ;D  OH asked me what I wanted I said I want a beagle  ;D

    No I havent done any research no nothing about them etc etc and wouldnt get one in a week cos I would want to do all my usual 101 questions (there is always christmas)

    However and i quote I was told “Not happening”  you can have a red setter (couldnt do the hair would be in oxygen tent) or a vizla (mmm there’s a thought) but you are not having a beagle – however you can have a bagel  ;D


    i am waiting for something

    however im not sure your the right person to give it to me Bev sorry


    thought you were going to say…. well i have had enough and am leaving the country!!  ;D

    i’m waiting for a miracle if you find one spare.  😛



    i REALLY like beagels too and bagels actually  ;D


    Slightly OT and hope everythings OK Bev, but a beagle is def ‘not happening’ in our house after the run ins we keep having with our friendly neighbourhood beagle! 

    Most overfed dog I have ever seen which I think is very sad, tried talking to the owners, v unfriendly and the dog is just rude, just will not leave Toby alone in the park and they wont put it on the lead!

    Could go for a red setter though, just for cuddles, wouldn’t want Tobes McScrobes getting jealous!


    Blame the deed, not the breed  😉


    Not me that has the problem with it Mudgie, but Toby sure does!


    funnily enough all the beagels i have met here have all had a thing for beau and they have all been male too  :surprise: and none of them were under control but they are gorgeous and have lovely faces! oh and they are generally fat too over here  :yes:


    beagles are one of the breeds down as prone to become obese – along with cairn terriers and labs if i recall from wherever it was i read it…


    im waiting for a diet plan but no hurry he wont be changing foods yet ;D


    terry…sorry dont do miracles anymore…someone stole the wand  😀
    wags…it ok hun…i understand…wouldnt be much use anyway…i got a headache  😉  :-*
    mudge…since when has someone telling you no actually meant you didnt  :what:

    i love beagles….they just…they just…..have to be raised right  ;D


    I am not waitiing for anything from you Bev – but can you hurry up with it anyway  😀

    Sorry – in silly mood today…..

    I would like a beagle too  ;D but I will be getting a labrador – which will also be nice…


    she will be wonderful …. 😀


    i would like a beagle

    actually id like to be following a beagle pack lol

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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