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    you are more than welcome to peruse the board and we hope the info is of use, it would be nice if you joined and introduced yourselves and told us about your dogs or asked for advice – we aim to please  🙂

    but….not only it is in breach of copyright to copy off posts and topics it is also very rude if you want information please log on – come and join us and ask permission for stuff  🙂


    Oh oh Bev I have just posted something similar to this in Admin as I have seen stuff on other boards from here…………….  ::)


    ;D ;D ;D

    crazy crazy

    some guest is actually printing this off  ::)

    has there been a toxic fallout that is affecting folks brains – is it me – is it them

    come back HG Wells – we can give you ideas for a new invasion story  ::)  🙂


    i do hope new pages are also printed once it started


    i really really do


    all that paper and ink


    and the colour ink


    cartridge world will love the guests  😀


    i wonder if they print any of my posts ?

    although my posts arnt that exiting

    will keep an eye out


    yep wags they sure do


    especially if me or val has replied



    all those pics


    colour pics  ;D

    more ink and huge pictures


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=4727.msg198246#msg198246 date=1201458098]
    ;D ;D ;D

    crazy crazy

    some guest is actually printing this off  ::)

    Some folks have waaaaaay to much time on their hands or a very vèry sad life  ::) .


    hahahaha – and now some guest is printing this  ;D ;D ;D

    this is too silly

    and yep diesel but some guests are are members as guests  😉

    not the above though

    it amazing what we can see and then with the help of whois – it really quite fascinating to someone that went to school before even calculators were invented

    bring back log and sine tables and vectors and equations  ;D


    why would anyone want to print off the lottery thread  ???
    helloooooo gusts, please join and tell us what you want them for  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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