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    Hi guys

    I am sorry for not being around, things have been bad.

    Mum has been diagnosed with cancer, after days of fighting with her to go to the doctors she has relented and has been diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer and cancer of the bowel, possibly cancer in the gall bladder and liver. And to top it off, after years of owning entire girlies, mum has open pyrometra

    She is in pain and as a family it has been decided to allow her wish to go to the bridge at home. Out of myself and my sisters I am the only one who is flexible enough to care for mum 24 hours a day, so I have moved in and am getting home when I can.

    I had bought a laptop with internet access, 10 days after buying it, I woke to find the laptop in a bowl of boiling soapy water as mum thought it was interferring with her electrics. Thankfully it is insured and a new one was sent out.

    The new one I had got sorted with internet when I posted my last post, unfortunately Cubert (aka the git) chewed through the power cable and it has had to be sent back again so I am currently waiting for a replacement.

    I am sorry for not being around, and once I get this back I hope to be online – although only briefly.

    Love to all

    Bev  :-* :-*


    (((hugs))) Bev, sorry to hear your mum isn’t good, take all the time you need, you know where we are if you need us, take care  :-*  :-*


    oooh forgot to say

    Falkor is holding on too  ;D ;D :-*


    He’s certainly a fighter that one  ;D  :-*


    that is sad news bev ((hugs)) to you, mo and the gang :-*

    keep fighting falkor your mum needs you 🙂


    Aw, (((((HUGS)))) to you all!  :-*  Glad to hear Falkor is still with us  :-*


    So sorry Bev, hope your Mum is able to go as pain free as possible and with you there at least she will be able to go with dignity 🙁
    Don’t be sorry you haven’t been around, family is more important. We will here for you if you ever need us to listen and offer you support for a change :agree:
    Great news about Falkor,he’s one tough dog. 


    Thinking of you your mum and family Bev  ((HUGS))

    Good ol Falkor :-*


    Sorry it’s not better news Bev  :'(
    Thinking of you often and sending {{hugs}}  :-*  :-*


    Bev am going to email you soon anyway – i promise to still be here when you get back – hugs and lots of them and be thinking of your mum Bev I really will.

    And Falkor just hang on in there  :-*


    You have been missed Bev  :-* Take care of you and yours and hugs to all  :-*


    So sorry to read about your mum Bev.  I hope her passing is as pain free as possible.  Please take care of yourself


    So sorry to read this Bev  :'(

    Our thought are with you all at the moment. xx  :-*


    Sorry to read this Bev (((hugs)) to everyone, Hope your mum has a peaceful and painfree journey :'(

    Glad to hear Falkor is hanging on :-*


    i’m so sorry to hear this Bev, you have been dearly missed :-*

    My thoughts are with you, your mum and your good luck dragon (i’m glad to hear he is still with you at this awful time :-*)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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