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    A Big Hi from me and my Rogues  ;D

    Why not introduce yourself and your dogs and enjoy the forum  :ok:



    I have introduced myself already but I saw this titled new and returniing and thought cool thats me!!  I used to be on here as HenryZack  I dunno if anyone will remember me, it was about 4yrs since I was on here last.

    I lost all my doggies because of my ex husband who let me have our children but refused to let me have my dogs!!  Anyway, I am in the process of getting my own additional family members again now and that it why I have come back!!  I will add pics soon I just need to work out how to do it as my pics are, apparently, to big!!

    Anna and co


    Hi Anna… I remember the username HenryZack, remind me what dogs you had back then? Were they shepherds  :-\


    Well the original 2 were Henry, a Weimie and Zack a JRT cross!!  Then we ended up with Beccy and Sammy 2 GSDs.  He rehomed them because I left him only kept Henry because he was technically HIS dog but he did the rehoming outta spite  :'(

    Travis 1

    I didn’t realise it was you,nice to see you back, 🙂


    LOL…thanks!!  Its nice that ppl have remembered me after all this time!! ;D


    OMG anna hello!!1 didnt realise it was you!- i sure remember you and the dogs – specialy gorgeous beccy – how sad that you lost them all, men are bastards thats for sure!! xx


    Hello Suz!!

    I hope its a good thing ya remember me lol!!  I was totally gutted about it he wanted to punish me and as he didnt have a leg to stand on to take me kids he did the next best thing.  He now has about 4 other dogs with his new gf!!

    Never mind I am glad to be back!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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