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    OK, this is a real touch wood, after months of frustration, scratching, a nasty cat scratch and new diet and vets bills my boys nose has cleared up (touch wood touch wood!)  I have no idea whether or not the diet has helped or whether there is a link to fructose and carrots as he has been BARF for a good month or two now, what I am interested in is whether the weather dampening down into Autumn might be a link to hayfever?  Just a thought. 

    Nevertheless it is a lot better as is his coat, glossy and feels so lovely again.  He has a small dry spot on his tail that is looking a bit bare but I haven’t once seem him biting or scratching there so am putting vit e capsules on it and this seems to be helping too.

    I’m just so relieved I can’t tell you, let’s hope it stays this way!


    Thats great news Angela.. he must feel lots better bless him  ;D need pics of the nose  :yes:


    oh.. he doesn’t like pics does he.. ok.. no pics  :ok:


    Yep, no pics at all, unless outside and only if unaware!  Found him in the bath the other day poor love, behind the shower curtain, was only taking the batteries out to charge!


    Thats good news stick with the diet if it’s something in the air then with a bit of luck by next spring his immune system will be that much stronger and able to cope with what the world throws his way


    Thanks Val, this way of life for Toby just feels right, he is loving his food, trying new things and has bags of energy which we are directing at lots of training both at home and out on the field near us.  Am, encouraged by his immune system building, this was really important to us as he had a few problems when we brought him home from the shelter, very very relieved, thanks to all for help and advice, and once again, touch wood!


    so pleased angela that great news well done you two sounds like you’re doing great  :-*


    That is great news – keep it up. And yes if it is seasonal he will be better equipped to deal with it now hes not trying to get rid of crap from the food  :yes: HOneys seasonal stuff is markedly better with raw/homecooked  :-*


    well done 🙂

    lucky toby to have a mummy like u 😀

    claire x

    p.s. every shelter should have dogclub address on their packs !!


    Now thats a good idea  :agree:

    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12720.msg245715#msg245715 date=1224322408]

    p.s. every shelter should have dogclub address on their packs !!


    Yep, I definately agree, especially after the discussions I’ve had recently with other doggy owners, ‘what do you mean don’t feed him raisins, he has a few as training treats all the time,’ ‘never ever give a dog a bone’ and ‘raw chicken, he’ll get salmonella, you must be mad!’  :surrender:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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