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    Hi there, we would like to take our Max coming upto 12 weeks old to training classes but don’t seem to be able to find any within our area DY5. Does anyone know of any classes or training school???

    Kind Regard


    Westglen Canine Centre
    Town: Kidderminster
    Venue: Wolverley Memorial Hall
    Time: Wed. & Thurs. Various between 6:45pm & 10:00pm
    Activity: Pet dog training. KC Good Citizen Dog Awards & Competition Heelwork to Music Classes — Instructor is a Member of the KC Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training & Canine Behaviour
    Contact: Ken Sidaway [email protected]

    This is the closests one for me and don’t really fancy this one at all….

    Just going to self train i think


    This is the closests one for me and don’t really fancy this one at all….

    Sorry what don’t you like?
    All are experienced trainers ???

    Would help if you tell us what sort of trainer you want :yes:


    Venue Name: Oakfield Centre
    Address: Brettell Lane BRIERLEY HILL, West Midlands. DY5 3LT – location map
    Opening Times: Monday and Tuesday from 7.30pm Monday for puppy training

    Main Contact Details

    Main Contact: Wags and Woofs Dog Club
    Address: c/o Oakfield Centre, Brettell Lane, BRIERLEY HILL, West Midlands. DY5 3LT
    Phone: 01384 79188
    Alternative Phone: 01384 825035


    Are you anywhere near coventry? Marie Miller Paws n Learn is amazing. lovely lady to.


    Lassie I was going to ask the same thing?

    How can you judge a class on written info?  :what:


    I judge this not by writen info but a friend who has been to this class and that she said that she would not recommend this one, due to not having much time for the individual, and classes dancing with music I’m not so keen on. Husband also said it’s a bit puffy!!!

    He’s more interested in basic gundog training….We are doing the basics and doing well with him. we have today brought a clicker and off to a good start.

    Thanks for your reply so far

    kind regards


    I must tell Ken about being “puffy” next time I see him.

    He used to do Working Trials with his dogs.

    Have you joined the gundog club?  They have training and awards available.

    And you can make sure you go to the right gundog trainer for your breed.  Not much point in going to a spaniel trainer if you have a pointer etc. :ok:


    Definitely look into the Gundog Club, best place for spanners and retrievers.  They used to have a forum but in their ultimate wisdom decided to close it.  Their training books are really top notch.


    Hi, im in coventry, where about is paws n learn?

    all info on there  🙂




    no probs. She is very good  :yes:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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