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    But are you laughing on the right hand side or the left  ???


    im ambidextrous ;D


    my thoughts are
    even with the verbal cue, you will be using body lang, visual cues, so is the verbal that important??


    Verbal important if he isnt looking at you.  How many times do you shout “come” when he isnt looking at you?


    Another thing Kiz Molly does the left paw right paw so will she get confused if I dont keep to her left and right ???

    have read through but too tired to think about the answers now so will have to wait till tomorrow (I am patient ;))


    you see this is why i point and dont use left and right

    i cant tell which is my left and right let alone anyone elses so i stick with the horse driving terms
    come right get left


    you teach the dog to his/her left and right

    so when you have the visual cue firm you add the verbal using the new cue old rule

    the dog is facing you – your visual is your left arm/hand pointing the direction left – your verbal is ‘right’ opposite for the other way 😀

    this way even if the dog is next to you and facing the same way – as in agility or a peg send away -s/he will go in the correct direction – it is the human that confuses things by ‘saying/double’ cueing right and using right arm etc – if you use the palm of the hand as the strong visual – you can then point the fingers as val says to act as a guide (not a cue) to backup the verbal – but that takes a highly driven dog.

    for the dog the behaviour is the action of turning into the shoulder and following it’s nose


    ok thanks Kiz I will start this one when I have time as Trixie loves playing football so will be great to get her to take the ball left or right :-*


    Wey hey, Murphy’s got the visual then !!!  😮

    I point in the direction I want him to go and he goes!!  Woo hoo

    I also, for distances, have a hand signal and a whistle for ‘lie’ too.  I am also teaching him the verbal, for left and right, by using the ball.  He goes hell for leather before I throw the ball and I throw it in the opposite direction he’s going in and just before the ball hits the ground I shout left or right, so that when he hears me shout left or right and the ball thuds on the floor he associates the thud with the direction.  Is that OK ?

    The other night, when we were on the field, I did his commands using my visual or whistle cues (although I only have 2 whistles at the mo) and he did them with no problem!!!  😮

    I want to know what the proper whistle cues are for when I get a whistle.  Also what are the ‘proper’ hand signals?  Can you just use your own?


    errrmmm is that his left or right or yours think about it ;D

    well done ;D

    leftrightleftrightleftleftrightokitrightleftleftokleftleft >:D amilou :-*

    mmm – not sure if you can use someone elses hands  ;D will go check ;D


    His left or right Bev. Is that right?

    Signals Bev, signals !!!  ::)


    sooooo – if he going HIS left but to you right what you saying?


    His left !


    so you signal with your right arm but say left yeah?


    Ah get ya!!!  ::)  ::) Just tried it out on him.  Although, I don’t use the visual and verbal together.  If he’s facing me I use my arms but if he’s not I use the verbal, so he would be going to mine and his left or right.  Does that make sense  ???  ::)

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 106 total)
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