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    Haven’t spotted this mentioned here – but there may be a thread I’ve missed.

    But on Tuesday 19th Aug on BBC1 at 9pm there’s an hour long documentary on dog health.

    The title may set a few teeth on edge – Pedigree Dogs Exposed – but it’s a scientific documentary based on two years filming and worth a watch with an open mind and a stiff drink! But the title was the BBC’s choice not the film makers, so don’t assume it’s going to be tabloidesque, the film makers other works have been very old school BBC and science based!

    The KC have co-operated with the film makers but at the nth hour got nervy about where it was heading so have issued a statement on their website that suggests they’re fearful of the outcome.

    Seems a bit mad to allege bias before you’ve actually seen the show, but whatever your view I’d say if you love dogs you need to watch this programme if you can.

    I’ve blogged about the call to complain before anyone has seen it, but just wanted to draw your attention to it as it won’t be in many of the advance listing publications as it was a late decision to screen it now.


    Best wishes


    Is this the one where the Kennel Club have issued something about it on their website???  I’ve heard/read something from the Kennel Club which sounded like they weren’t very happy about it as it goes against pedigree dogs.

    Have a look on the KC website for their view.


    As always, you never show any interest in this ‘Dog Club’ and only ever post your own personal interests against pedigree dogs, The Kennel Club or personal campaigns.

    This program is covered here on a thread started on 11th and so you’re a bit late with your news..



    Heh Rough, I posted last week about the Irish guy looking for some help and no one savaged me last time.

    But it’s friendly people like you that make me keep coming back! 🙂

    Have found the earlier thread.

    Don’t see why someone asking questions about health is necessarily evil though! Secret closed forums… it’s another world!

    Watch the show before you judge. Don’t know why everyone is weeing themselves – if the KC has done everything possible for pedigree dogs what can anyone say? It’s the BBC, it has to be fair! It’s in its charter.



    i think whatever the KC does there will always be people who fake certificates and pass off dogs as things like “rare silver labradors” or “exclusive apricot and white poodles” or whatever … and people who know no better and dont bother to research will always pay top money for them.

    the KC could do a hell of alot more IMO but when the govt. poke their noses in – they’re always accused of being a “nanny state”, would more regs actually drive breeders away (as in the KCRB scheme) and thus make it more difficult for “punters” to tell what is a good dog and what isnt ?

    “instant” she’s gotta have it society is also partly to blame – off the top of my head Mel is the only person i know who has waited any length of time for a mating and puppy, many people (and i was the same both times) want their dog now now now.  Luckily I found 2 suitable ones and didnt have the pedigree issue to think about but my 2 dogs (and the many more pts every day) are mainly here because of selfish or uncaring owners who shouldnt have had dogs in the first place!!

    i await with interest !



    I wonder why they wanted to film a mating(between two fully health tested DNA tested pedigree dogs but they didn’t know that when they rang the breeder)& when she refused as she did not wish to be part of the program & she had no matings planned anyway-they then asked her to do the mating just for them !!!!!!!!! & allow them to film the bitch & litter throughout the pregnancy & after the birth to the day they left home. I’m glad to say that she refused this request as well

    I know most of the unhealthy dogs of the breed concerned are bred by BYB, Puppy Farms & pet breeders & they are probably one of the healthiest breeds around & the responsible breeders do all the tests available-so quite they were wanting to prove eludes me.

    I know they upset a lot of people with their questions @ shows(in another breed)especially as the people they upset are in the vanguard of breeders doing the best they can for their breed by breeding to the guidelines from the vets involved in the current research. This will be one of the breeds selected for”exposure”however the dogs with the worst health problems again come from BYB, Puppy Farms & pet breeders who do little or no health testing at all

    It is easy to critize the KC, but they are funding research & also running health testing schemes-more than any other”registry” in the UK.

    I have waited months & years(20 in the case of Wukee)for “the”right puppy/dog for me, even my first dog was a pre mating booking & I waited a year before she was born


    i waited 3 years for my polly and mary has waited….lord knows but a long time and is now getting fudge …but i understand where you at claire…it not so much the want it now as the no thought see an add in paper go get brigade that i find worse

    i have said it before and i will say it again…yes the KC falls short on some things …yes they suffer delays and responing to enquiries, registrations etc etc Still not had cuby’s stuff back) yes they are the main voice and maybe need to catch up a bit..but when i visited …as all who critisise should do in MHO, i was stunned at how few staff do so much….was a real eye opener
    and anyway…the archives and library and art gallery are to die for…



    i wasnt saying no-one waited – just that Mel was the only person i remembered and that people tended not to wait as a general rule.

    i suppose in a way i am “waiting” for my dog too.  i suppose the difference is if they were born tomorrow i still wouldnt take them home as i need to wait till i have right setup etc… i still like comebyanaway missed ewe tho

    Claire x


    I know there must be many people here interested in the latest health info – even if it’s considered de rigor for a few to claim there’s absolutely nothing to worry about and it’s just the nasty sensationalist media out to upset dog show people….

    Imperial College have just released some startling research that everyone who breeds or loves pedigree dogs need to read…

    the link is on my blog – http://coldwetnose.blogspot.com/


    Could you not just have put the link on here like anyone else would, instead of yet more self promotion for your poxy blog? Do you get comission for page hits or something? LOL  ::)



    If you click on the direct link you’ll find less info – I also included the link on my blog, plus also included a summary from the full report that isn’t available on the Imperial’s own website.

    And no – I don’t get paid per click! Why do you feel the need the rubbish my motivation? And weirdly, I  just wanted to share the information in its fullest form because some people actually give a damn about this stuff!

    Hope this explains why I continue to put up with people being rude, not sure why you feel the need to be so grumpy – thought we’d share a common concern for our dogs health – most people have said thanks. As it’s a 24 page report a summary was a great help to most people!


    Why do i feel i need to rubbish your motivation? Might have something to do with the way you spam your link all over several forums, constantly ‘telling’ people to visit your blog. There’s a section on here where we are allowed to advertise our sites but that never seems to be quite enough for you. I’ve had a quick look but i can’t see anywhere on your blog where you promote the dogclub as vigorously as you use this site (and several others) to promote your blog.

    If you contributed genuinely to the topics on this forum a little more it wouldn’t be so irritating but all we seem to get from you every week is Visit my blog at
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    I know for a fact i don’t just speak for myself when i say you get a bit repetetive after a while.


    I am one of those peeps that forget that there is something on I want to watch which is why I end up setting programmes to record well in advance.

    I have one of those BT vision boxes and I’ve set it to record the Pedigree Dogs Exposed and until I have actually seen the programme I can’t really comment on its contents.


    I do indeed write a blog – as I think I may have said just a few times here 😀

    If something I come across is significant I try to communicate things instantly though a free to view method. The idea is to spread information quickly to people who might not have otherwise heard the news. It’s a fairly sound altrusitic concept. I don’t get paid for doing it, no one pays to read it. I stumble on things all the time that I’d like to share and rather than wait a month for the mag to come out and only speak to the converted – I blog.

    If you don’t want to know – simple just don’t click!

    Sometimes it’ll be a problem that needs solving or a topical issue that might not yet have been widely publicised – or something light weight but time sensitive like a competition that hasn’t been won yet.

    The blog has now sorted quite a few significant things – one homeless lady had her dog food given free for a year by Organipets 24 hours after the appeal on the blog. Another lady in distress is being supported with free food from Safepets and Burns until she’s back on her feet. Some dogs on death row have found homes. A lady with terminal cancer found someone wonderful to take over her rehoming centre…. there’s been lots of wonderful examples of quick solutions to time-sensitive issues.

    In short I think it’s worth taking a bit of stick from a few people who imagine my motivations to be perverse.

    Oops – sorry Mark – just realised this might sound like an advert!  🙂



    i just wanted to say i watched as much as i could bare before it became too distressing to watch.

    got very excited when u were on it – didnt realise that !! 

    here’s my bit – blunt and to the point as ever.

    to the people who had the 2 cav’s who said “we had no idea about syringmyleia (u know what i mean)”


    it was sickening to watch them parade around a very sick dog which should have been PUT DOWN not subjected to more treatment 🙁

    to the people going “good boy thas a good dog ” STOP LEAPING ALL OVER YOUR DOG WHEN ITS FITTING – if you are feeding it that many medications and its still fitting that bad PUT IT DOWN.

    if people did their research instead of going on national TV looking like complete goons they wouldnt have to spend whatever stupid amount of money that woman said she’d spent !!!

    overall i think the blog is a good idea and tho i still havent had time to do my review – the actual content of the mag is also good, if you were brave enough to ditch the “un credible” adverts i’d probably buy it.


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