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    I have done stuff in the past that I wouldnt even contemplate now – like feeding my dogs stuff that was crap – I know better now and have learnt from my mistakes  ;D  Like reinforcing stuff that I shouldnt have – knowledge is what makes us learn from mistakes – and if we can share the knowledge to help others from making the same mistakes then surely that is a good think  :educated:


    dont have time to read all of this but just wanted to pick up on this – i think Bev has hit an important point here ..

    quote :

    The drugs mean the Boxer is fit-free most of the time – be he has a cluster of fits ever two months or so where he can have quite a lot – 17 being the record in one day. He is only two. It is the owners decision whether to proceed, but people with epilepsy would argue that even uncontrollable epilepsy is better than being dead, so I guess it has to be the owners call. they restrain him to stop him hurting himself as the house is quite small and he is at risk if not restrained.

    yep – great boxer is fit free most of the time especially as he’s only two.

    my issue is with comparing dogs with people – saying people would argue uncontrolled epilepsy is better than dead is completely unrelated to my strong opinions regarding the footage.  people have theory of mind that it is thought dogs do not and this renders the argument pointless imo. 

    i dont think the dogs young age should cloud any decision about quality of life – indeed in this case, it just means the poor dog will be suffering for even longer.  unless they are trying to say that the dog might grow out of it ??

    It just shows their uneducated level that not only did they choose these animals in the first place, they appear to be completely clueless in thinking that “showing” the general public is a positive step.  Its even more degrading for their poor animals really because it just shows they’ll swallow anything to get a bit of “tv time”.  people are obsessed by being on TV !!

    why not put more funding to programs like the excellent program about dog history ?  either that or if the BBC are reading this if you feel compelled to do this type of programming will you please create a “BBC Cheap N Nasty” channel and screen some more intellegent programming on the main Beeb !!


Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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