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    where are you at in the lead walking

    what exactly are you doing and saying – how are you marking and treating etc did you do the location stuff in the house first – tell me what you do and say exactly when you going out for a walk – as in the full routine – shoes on keys in hand leash etc what order etc


    If you was closer Honey would of met up with Toby  :-*


    Aah, thanks Suz  :-*

    OK Bev,

    We in the house before we go out, we get ready first coat bag shoes, then he has self cued when I pick up keys he comes trotting through.  He sits at the front door if I say ‘ready’ and waits for lead on.  We get him to stay in a sit until I am out the door, then he follows and waits for me to close and lock door.  Then the pulling begins, for the moment we have been stopping when he pulls, we have lead in right hand across body, Toby on left, then saying ‘back’ good boy when he self corrects as I lead him back to slightly behind me by leading his leash back, then say walk on leading off left leg.  He is getting it, but now I have written this I know we are not getting the treats right.  we been saying the treat is the walk on, then when three loose lead steps he gets a piece of liver, TBH I feel we overcomplicating because it feels muddled.  Have we cocked it up already?



    have asked a friend i know up there for “nice dog” reccommendations for Tobes 😉

    the reward is simply walking further to the park – big reward 🙂  i wouldnt use treats once he walking nice just distract him 🙂  the rest sounds good !

    Claire x


    the reward is the walk – if he knows he is going to get a bit of liver for doing 3 steps etc then …

    set out a road plan – like in marks threads ….think ok we going to get to tree number 6 this time
    manage that stop and then give a reward and go home – next time go for tree number 8 etc etc

    dont cue the ‘back’ ( bit puzzled re that as a cue to be honest unless he walks backwards of course )  wait for the self correct and then walk on – try and do it all silently except for a ‘goodheelclose’ praise when he doing it good

    did you do the location training first?


    We did the location training over the previous two weeks, couldn’t get him to come round whilst I spun round but yes, forward and back and sideways, he looking for the next move and definately got it, before we started today we ran through your list in the stickies to be sure he ‘gets’ it.  He is definately starting to understand outside this is the same as we did inside if that makes sense, today we went the other end of the street because much fewer distractions and he did his first ten steps really well, this is normally when he pulls the most, then started scouting for a cat but we stopped still and kept quiet he was whingy then you could almost see him try it on pulling, then he self corrected so we walked on and got another ten steps on before he started pulling continually so we went straight home, waited another hour and tried again, got almost the full length of the street that time which felt really good.

    What is the self correct telling us?  I think it means OK you want me to be at your feet I know  have to do that before we walk on, is this right?



    i (naughtily) use “back” instead of “heel” and yep the dogs do walk backwards i assume this is what Toby is doing too ?

    self correcting = “DOH! i remember now to get my walk i have to be a good dog and heel”



    He doesn’t walk backwards, turns around and walks towards me then turns at the heel, is one of those words you chick in without thinking but we only been doing this three days so still time for all three of us to put right  :-[



    so based on that when you cue “BACK” which cue is he actually doing ?

    (ok so he’s actually chaining several cues bloody clever stick – but whats the cue which is the end result of the chained behaviour ?)  and what do you say to reward it ?

    claire x


    Hi Claire, we cue back and he is out in front, he has pulled and whinged to walk on, we say back and he self corrects not walking backwards but turns to face me and trots behind my legs, then comes to heel.  We decided today to drop the word and so now he pulls a bit, has a whinge then comes back to heel for the walk on.  This does sound complex reading it back, I suppose the reward for returning to heel is us saying good heel, then walk on so the reward it still the walk but this does sound like he is doing a lot to get a reward doesn’t it?


    yep 🙂

    so when you tell him “back” …

    what behaviour(s) is he doing ?


    is what he’s actually doing !!  isnt he a clever wee thing 🙂

    the “marker” (like the click in clicker training) is you saying “good heel” and the reward is the walk.

    the reward of a walk to him is super super cool so let him work for it thats fine 🙂

    just dont give in or take him when you cant be bothered to cue/reward or you’ll undo your good work !! 🙂

    Claire x

    p.s. your little man chaining 4 things WOW !  see he’s a clever boy 🙂


    I always say back when my two try to pull as in get back here and heel close :-[


    Ok, we back a few weeks on!  Toby is pulling less but when distracted is still difficult to manage so we head for home, also certain times of day especially the morning he is very difficult, takes an age to get to the end of the street but then we just realised we have cued a pee to one location and he seems to calm down a lot after we get to the pee patch.  Does this sound like good progress nearly a month on? 

    We made out our ‘map’ as it were, an average walk can take 20-25 minutes with about ten to fifteen bursts of pulling either after a pee, after a go sniff.  Best walks are the ones where he has seen me pack treats into my pocket, but I fear we are almost luring him then because he periodically jumps at my pocket, the treat is still the walk but he is very aware of the foody treats I also have  >:D.  Hope this makes sense, guess I’m asking if we on the right path as we really want to have a Toby holiday end of this year and want him walking nicely, right now we are nearing the end of our map, do we lengthen it, or only when he has a few good days of good walks?  Could it be worth reinforcing through keep doing the location trg in the house?  ???


    move it on hun…do the location in the house but get it all off leash….
    keep outside food treats as a bingo only when a set distance has been completed without fault…stop luring…he doesnt need a lure anymore…toughen it up a bit…add some errmmmm excuse me’s….etc…you can do that now he knows the cues

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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