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    This is a desperate appeal for a home for Amber and Jack whose Mum has died. We re-homed these two dogs together some years ago and they are very bonded but their lives have been ripped apart by their Mum’s death. Amber is now 10 years old and is a Liver and White spayed Show Springer. Jack is a 7 year old neutered Black and White working type boy. These two were the apple of their Mum’s eye in fact she even moved house to somewhere with a bit of land when she retired to give her to beloved dogs room to run and to offer a home to more needy Springers. Tragically she developed cancer and has died leaving her husband completely unable to cope and her dogs grief stricken and lost. Amber’s eyesight is now failing and Jack is her security and her eyes; she panics if she loses sight of him and the two of them are clinging together and taking comfort in each others company. They are lovely family dogs who are accustomed to the grandchildren from being tiny ones upwards. They are used to a very rural life so spend little time on the lead but will walk not too badly if need be. They are fine with other dogs but they do chase cats and birds. They are used to being left for up to four hours but their Dad is now leaving them rather longer and is often away so they are having to spend time in kennels. Both enjoy their walks and playing with their tennis ball but Amber is somewhat limited these days. They both travel well and are delightful affectionate dogs.

    Amber will of course qualify for our fostering scheme because of her age. We as yet have no up to date photos but we do have a picture of Amber when we first re-homed her which will be on our website http://www.englishspringerrescue.org.uk but unfortunately none of Jack.

    These two must go together and we really do not want to bring them into kennels but we are going to have to if we can’t find a new home very quickly. Ideally we would like a forever home for them but failing that a short term foster home where they can stay whilst they await that special person.
    For any further information please contact Liz or Mick on 01282 697692 or Carole on 01254 390841

    More info and pics can be found on NWESSR’s site and ESSW’s http://www.essw.co.uk

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