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    fookin vets  :nono: honey had an abcess on her glands………took her to see my nice normal vet monday it hadnt burst so she said i know what honeys like ( shes had one before and not forgotten plus with the ops on her tail shes a tad leary of vets round that end – its all in her notes!!) so she had a little look to make sure it was what i thought it was and said bring her back thurs to check its popped ok and if it DOES need emptying or cleaning we will sedate her – so im fine with that cos last time we just left it and it was fine and glands emptied once it had healed. I cant get there today so took her yesterday as it had burst – my nice vet couldnt see us as at the other practice so we saw the top vet who is apparently their expert in these matters  >:( never again he squeezed her glands, while she had a open abcess never ever has she screamed so much ever – tried to bite me, he jjust said he was going to look if id known he was going to do that id of walked straight out!! course once hed started he then had to clean it off so cue honey going friggin nuts – even when he was done shes in my arms shaking and barking and growling at him

    still so upset about this this morning i could cry, ive never seen her hate something so much and more than a bit concerned how shes going to be with the vets now my mum rang and complained but they didnt say much – they also charged me for the follow up when i know my normal vet wouldnt but then she wouldnt of emptied her glands either honestly im so cross im boling up inside – letters going to be written today and sent off because i dont think she should of been put through that

    plus not sure where i stand on it- but he didnt have my permission to do her glands? surely he should of checked or at least said and given me chance to refuse the treatment for christsakes her notes say i wont allow the vets to do her glands! as the only time she ever had an abcess before was after a vet emptied her glands AGAINTst my wishes!! course then i got the whole how some groomers dont empty properly and how we might have to consider removing her glands if it keeps reaccuring – he was told that i dont think TWICE in two years can be classed as a problem!

    what a twat – sorry but im so sad for my little honey 🙁


    poor Honey  :-*

    Travis 1

    Poor honey,and poor you,hope you can get an apology 🙁


    poor Honey :-*

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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