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    A quick picture to share with you all  🙂

    Loki out with me and Iggy  ;D

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    this was from last night – when we got to the end of the track – I say ‘stay by’ and Loki stays near (not too close tho  😀 ) on the road – then we walk back down the road and into the yard – such a good boy.

    Will get more pics so you can see how Loki is looking soon!


    >:(  U jammy thing, i want to do that!  >:( >:(


    im so jealous  >:(

    does loki enjoy it  🙂


    Is so much fun  ;D Have always wanted to be able to take a dog out with the horse – never could with Dottie cos she kept trying to herd us and got in the way  ::)

    Loki loves it – have I told you about the first time I tried it?  ;D


    wow Sarah.. that must be heaven.. what a good boy Loki is  :-*


    Wow good boy Loki  ;D I got a similar pic of me on a horse a few weeks ago – no Piper though  :-X  😀


    Nat – I got lots of pics like that – through horses ears  ;D

    xtine – he is good isn’t he  ;D

    First time I did it – I led them both up the road – let Loki off on track, mounted – and then walked up – Loki kept looking at the horses eyes rather than mine when I gave him comands – and when I did a recall – he went pegging back to when I mounted the horse (ie. the last time he ‘saw’ me)  :-[ – so I had to recall again – he came back to the horse – looked it in the eyes and I thought – he must think I am wearing a horse outfit or soemthing  😀

    He seems to have it sorted now tho…  ;D


    LOL, how funny!  😀


    you jammy so n so ive allways wanted to do that ;D


    For any horse people that are interested – this is a before and after of Iggy – look good?

    [img width=291 height=468][/img]


    she looks a lot fuller and halthier in the second picture, shes a very pretty mare i love her markings ;D


    I think she is a he – isn’t he  :-\


    Yep is a he – Iggy is short for Ignatius… Show name is Hampstead Lad  ;D


    Wow he looks alot better Sarah – look how much his tail has grown too  ;D


    yey….good lad  :-* :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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