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    Toby has been a little off colour and recently had some black scaly/spotty patches that I suspected to be strep, many have now cleared up but I’m still finding the odd patch and his coat condition could be better.  I went to the health food shop and have bought these:

    The Vit e is E-100 I.U.
    The Selenium is 50 U.G.

    I’d like some advice on the conditions under which you’d boost (i.e. seek vets advice first) I just feel he could use a boost but I’m totally out of my league here, especially if I do decide to as to how many days to boost, which quantity (i.e. have I bought the right things for a 6.5 kg terrier or do I half the tabs etc).  Would really appreciate the advice!


    Whats he eating now………….


    Hi Suz,

    We’ve been feeding natural for about 6 months now I think, he’s eating chicken wings, liquidised veg (a mix but usually whatever is going in the veg box), doing well on turkey neck, liver, eggs and fish in oil and tooth cleaning bones, olive oil as necessary and happily eats garlic.  It’s taken this long to get us to this stage, given our fears over allergies but he does seem to be thriving on the food, teeth looking so much better and his weight though sometimes fluctuating is now on the whole much healthier.

    I know we could get more variation but though we are almost certain his itching was a seasonal thing I’m also almost certain he has a problem with lamb (itching flares up if he so much as sniffs it!)



    Thats brilliant and keep at it just add slowly i did too – took about a year so your on track  :-*

    Val has posted a sticky on this in the sticky area, not sure about the doseage though!


    Sounds like he is getting plenty of selenium and Vitamin E from his diet…….


    Sorry missed this
    I am not one for boosting dogs up on anything if a dog gets a good diet and his fair share of exercise then there should be no need for any aids.
    That said if he was mine and his skin was breaking out again I would stick him in a few surgical scub baths to be on the safe side

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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