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    been googling for ages…but brain in overload

    got a new client who has a beardie…beardie aint the prob re behaviours…he drop dead perfect …springer is the behaviour client  ::) ::)


    beardie has been diagnosed ( well sort my your book sort of that is  ::) )
    with a leg bone cancer…now…the vet has said it common in ‘modern beardies and is likely to be genetic’  vet hasnt defined what a modern beardie is  or type of cancer etc etc ::)

    am trying to get more info…this beardie is nearly 5…a boy…owner coming back to me later with llines etc…
    but…she put him to stud last year to another pet girlie.. yeah yeah…he not been shown etc etc…and now she in panic mode…am giving her her due…that was her first thought…the puppies and she has contacted the buyers…late but better late than never …as she was thinking she would again

    am googled to death



    No it’s not common at all as for the modern beardie they just have too much dam coat but they are the same dogs breeding wise whether modern or not.
    Flick me the breeding and I will let you know how old or modern he is, maybe after the horse has bolted but I could tell her what is in the pedigree or not as the case maybe


    thanks val…will update as i get info

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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