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    I was in a workshop session today on health psychology and we were having a group discussion about “how psychology affects health, illness and disease now and 100 years ago”

    one student was saying “we live longer now so we must be healthier” and i said “well not nessesarily because some of the people who live a long time arent healthy they are very ill but ….”  (builds tension) “… we cant just kill them” …. cue lecturer looking round in suprise and saying “have you ever done an F test?” to me (not sure what one is) i just smiled and turned to the group and said “no i mean when people are ill and WANT to die we cant help them” …. ho hum 🙂

    Claire (a.k.a. Killer Queen !!!!)


    p.s. just googled f-test and i think what he was saying was …

    “clearly you aint normal”



    what is an f test claire??



    its a statistical test to do with population “norms” – i think he was getting at that i wouldnt fit the perameters …

    or simply …. that i wasnt “normal” 😀

    claire x

    p.s. luckily at the time it went over my and i think everyone elses heads !!!!


    yeah funnily enough i did one of those for an application for a job and failed  :embarrass:


    roflol Claire  ;D  ;D


    ROFLOL claire…that real funny  😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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