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    Hi I wondered whether any of your dogs have ever had an attack of vestibular syndrome?
    Yesterday my 7 year old Gsp got up from her nap & lost her balance -she flopped out on the floor unable to stand up. There were no other symptoms other than rapid eye movement (from side to side) she was a bit bewildered & I did my best to keep calm. I sat down with her & put her head on a cushion. She was in this condition for about 1 minute ( seemed like forever!) after which she got up & carried on as usual! Even started playing with her toys. She has been on form ever since. Hope this is a one off occurence.
    I have researched this & it states that there is no known treatment & that some dogs do have relapses but most do not…Hope Rio is the latter!  😮


    Poor Rio, sounds awful :'( i haven’t heard of it so something for me to read up about :yes:

    i’m glad Rio’s better now and my fingers are crossed that it doesn’t happen again :-*


    Thanks .dodger. I hope so too… but as you can imagine I’m watching every “twitch”


    how do you know this is what it is? what did vet say?

    hugs to the pointy one


    That has been likened to a stroke in a human? if so can have similar effects 🙁 Hope it’s a one off – cuddles to Rio :-*


    Hello again. Rio has been examined by the vet & has been given the all clear. But I need to watch for anything that may cause concern … He thinks it is Vestibular Syndrone but a very very mild case of it because she was only affected for such a short time. Full blood test etc will be needed if she succombs to the same symptoms. I have looked it up & have come up with this
    Apparently it is something like the Border terriers “Spikes disease”
    Hope it is a one off like the vet says because as most of you know it’s awful to see a normally healthy lively dog  in such a state.
    Thanks for your good wishes.


    sorry to hear about Rio, Liz.. sounds like an awful worry! Hope no more relapses and many kisses to her from me and Fritz  :-*

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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