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    and a short leash is all wrong…leash needs to be loose…held in right hand dog on left walking nice a calm no pulling….

    I only use a short lead when waking with him, say…, around the village, lead is loose in my hand and he walks at my side there is no pulling, when we go into the field if I keep dan on the short lead he is just the same.

    to have a semi off lead ie so he can have a run about I change his lead to a long one and when i say “go on then” he goes off sniffing the ground and having a good old run about. While on this long lead I do practice his recall, sit n stay, wait ect and all of it is good while on the long lead that is dropped to the ground or even if i am holding it


    yes hun…i understand that but…dog aint daft…why you dropping it to ground? and not letting off  😉


    I know the dog aint daft ;D I know he is much smater than me, thats why I only drop the lead in future and not let him off all together untill we get it perfect.


    Right we are off for another walk….. See you later


    Well we had a lovely walk, we did the usual walk, play, some recall, sit n stay, wait ect.
    And I was thinking what the heck am I stressing about, Dan is a lovely dog and brings us so much joy. He is never going to be a show dog or enter any compations. so why am I beating myself up about his training ???.

    My conclusion as long as I can improve his manners ( and they are much improved over the last year  ;D) we will get along just fine ;D


    well done – you will get there promise. can be ten times harder with a rescue dog – because they often had NO training at all, plus lots of unsettling stuff happen  :-*


    aww well done 🙂 yea i agree about rescue dogs. often u have undo damage before you can start teaching new things. but the results r worth it! 🙂


    He is worth all the effort. Dan has a good nature . and he is improving, albeit slowly. but that might be because he hasn’t got a  dog trainer at the end of the lead. ;D

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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