Want to run away to Ireland?

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    Please post this one far and wide. I’ve had a call from a tremendous eccentric who has been described as the real James Bond.

    He’s now in his 70s and has finally stopped travelling and has settled in Ireland and now has 22 rescue dogs (many of them Beardies), 15 stray cats and a tame ferret.

    He’s recently had two ‘slight’ heart attacks and it’s made him worried about his animals. He’s like to hear from any 40-50 years olds who would consider coming over and keeping an eye on the animals should anything happen to him.

    You’d need to be able to drive as where he lives is very remote, but he says it wouldn’t matter if you had two heads so long as you were nice to the animals.

    There’s lots more details on my blog and links to articles about him and the book he has written about his amazing life. He is still very active and positive and by the sounds of the place he lives in a very beautiful part of the world.


    Please pass this on – may suit someone with their own pets who needs a fresh start and a new adventure!


    why 40-50 year olds??


    Apparently he’s had lots of offers from young women but I think he wants someone a bit older and more settled, so that if he kicks the bucket they will stay on and look after the dogs without needing to go off and live their lives.

    I’m just passing on his wants – I think he has someone in his minds eye that will love the animals but not be as old as him so they will be able to care for the dogs and stay active for the rest of their lives.

    I’m sure it negotiable, he doesn’t strike me as a man with too many fixed ideas!



    Good to know that now I am in my 40s I have lived my life  🙁

    Would have loved this one and seriously considered if but dont do cats and ferrets – tame or otherwise – no thanks.  Trouser leg twitching at the thought of it  >:D 

    sounds like a wagster life to me  :-*

    Hope this man finds someone and soon – stress wont be helping him any – good for him sounds like he has given a lot of animals a good home.  :-*  Nice to read stuff like this instead of the usual negative dog stories we hear – hope you can help find him some one Bev.


    it sounds very much like a waggi thing to me too  :-*

    I’m sure it would be worth putting this on petsireland as many of the irish rescues post there and may know of caring people looking for opportunities to continue animal work. 

    sorry i just cant do it – cant cope with seeing all the irish dogs 🙁

    Claire x


    ah but im not even 28 yet

    but uhmmmm sounds like it to me

    and right now i need it

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