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    there has been a notice in the newspapers that jelly fish are being washed up on the south shorelines, DO NOT TOUCH them as they are extremely poisonouse and can kill in a matter of minuets. so please keep an eye on your dogs and children if you go down the beach


    Killing in a matter of mins is a bit over the top  ::) The Portuguese Man O’ War does give one hell of a sting (been there done that) but there are so far only a dozen or so along the south coast, unless you have the rest round the I of W.
    When I lived in Jamacia they were a common sight, do you know they can still sting when they are dead ugly looking things that they are


    i thought that the timeing was a bit ott aswell but thought i would pass it on just in case ;D i hate jelly fish, have been stung many times though never by a man o’war, but yes they are ugly things 😀


    never seen one – actually never seena  jelly fish close up like ever  😀

    Honey wouldnt touch one anyway  :-*


    No dogs allowed on our beach at the mo anyway and with the weather like it is I shalln’t bother taking the kids  ::)


    There’s tons on our beaches at this time of year.  They’re purple in the middle, horrible and squishy!  😛


    they are harmless foxy…

    i love them they fascinate me

    the PMoW is actually not a true jelly fish…it is a colony of lots of individual animals living symbiotically…it is the individuals reaction to the toxins that make them potentially dangerous…so can cause a heart attack in one person and just a sore red itch in another…the worse bit is the scabs when they start to heal…burns like hell..if you get stung get someone to pee on it…. 😀

    i remember my sister in law telling the story of when she got stung in gibralter and brother whipped it out and pee’d on her belly….to the consternation of the sunbathers  ;D


    Lol Bev, there’s a Friends episode where that happens, thought of it when I first read this thread  😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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