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    Whilst walking Joe to the park this morning.  I saw a woman with a dog on the other side of the road.  Her dog was also on a lead.  Her dog crossed the road and what followed I thought was terrible.

    She started smacking her dog over the head really hard – the dog was cowering on the floor in the middle of the road and she continued to hit it  :'(

    So me, rent-a-mouth!  ;D hollars Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – there is no need for that.

    Anyway we had an argument which resulted in her telling me to keep my nose out and it’s none of my business and me calling her a silly cow and how would she like to be done to her.  😮

    She walked off and Joe and I continued to the park.

    My dad said I should’ve kept out of it cause it was nothing to do with me  >:( , but I think that turning the other cheek is the wrong approach and I would do it again.  And I hope that if ever (which I never would) I was that awful to an animal that someone would intervene.

    Forgive me if I’m wrong,  but that dog didn’t deserve what she did to it, and surely as he was on a lead, she should have been controlling whether he should cross or not, so she failed her task, not the dog.

    Was I wrong?

    Liz & Joe

    P.S. It must have been mini dog day at the park because there was about 20 of them running round like little nutters.  😀


    I always believe that you should take action where it is indicated.

    I would like to believe that I would approach the person with a smile and an offer of help, however I tend to engage my mouth before my brain ………. which is not always helpful, but I would have done the same.


    Ive made plenty of mistakes with my dogs, which does make me wary of saying something when I see other people doing things that I think are wrong but that hasnt stopped me interfering when I saw a dog getting hit by its owner before. I once saw an older lady hitting her lively boxer cross around the head with her walking stick and I couldnt help myself either. So no, I dont think you were wrong, I would of had to have said something. And I think good for you Liz, for not turning away and ignoring the plight of the dog


    i don’t think you were wrong at all not many people would interviene and perhaps more people should some nasty things happening in the world at mo and everyone seems to be doing everything they can not to see it  :-\


    If she had just hit him once I might have ignored it – but several fierce smacks to the top of his head – I just couldn’t.

    Liz & Joe


    i have never seen anyone hit their dog out in the open (then i don’t walk in busy doggy areas) so i don’t know what i would do, but if i did shout beau would shout too, we have a ‘hush’ but i’m not sure it would work if he knows i’m uptight about something and shouting  🙂 you defo did right, it may not stop her from doing it again, but may make her think for a second if she is outside  :-\


    Well lets hope it shames her into never doing that again, poor dog  🙁


    you definitely did the right thing

    Suz, I fear the exact opposite will be the result of this episode.  🙁


    I really do hope that she thinks before she acts next time – maybe she was having a bad day.  If not I do feel for that dog – what a life.  :'(

    My boy is very lucky, but even he could have so much more.

    Liz & Joe


    i am with you – she wanted telling.  😉 not at all sure i would have been brave enough tho – am not good at approaching people. the time the idiot woman was chasing her dog round the park trying to hit it with the lead (it was trying to play with mine – who were on lead but weren’t bothered) all i could manage was ‘do you want some food for him to tempt him back’ (always have pockets full of dog treats  ::) ).

    but bad day or not there are no excuses for that sort of treatment of a dog.  >:D why have one?  ???


    sometimes it all depends on the person – I said to someone at agility who was chastising her dog with a smack to the nose – why do you do that  ???  she said well he isnt doing it properly is he  ??? ???  i said well everytime you get it wrong should the agility class trainer smack you across the face then  ??? or do you think you would feel more enthusiastic and interested in the whole event if she praised you when you got it right and forgave you when you got it wrong  ??? 

    However I did know the woman a little.  I have been known to ask a complete stranger what the F&*k they thought they were doing.  >:D  but like others my mouth tended to go into overdrive before my brain.  ::)

    You obviously felt strongly about it and you did right to voice your concern.

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