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    Dont let him see you put it there! 😀 😀


    I have given him ‘soup’ dinner again  😉 topped up his dinner with loads of water  😀 he had to drink then  😉


    Honey doesnt drink much water – but she dont like grotty water that other dogs have drunk from  >:D but will drink for that bowl if she sees fresh water put in  😀

    And yep Fritz needs a bird bath – he loves that, ALWAYS has a huge drink at my nans  😀


    Would he drink out of one of those dog water fountains?


    I was wondering about that Jacqui.. wondered if he would like the water after it been in there a day.. but is an expensive experiment  :-\


    Christine, this is so weird, I came on to ask the same thing as Toby’s drinking is very infrequent now he’s on natural, he just doesn’t seem to need to drink but still peeing as much as ever, he does get quite liquidy veg though and not interested in drinking outside or from puddles/bird baths.  I guess it is just the change of diet, he gets more from his food so he must take in enough water from the food too.  I wasn’t too worried about it, as I say peeing enough and interested enough in his food!


    xtine…he has ‘water’ on cue…he copied ami and it a pain in the butt cos you do fresh water in bowl…make daft noise of ‘water’ as you put it down ask for a kiss…then ‘water’ then he drinks… ::)

    sorry twas the only way to get him to drink when here  🙂


    suppose better a kiss BEFORE he drinks that after  :tease:  😀


    will try it and see… soup is working tho  😉  ;D

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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