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    hi everyone,

    we’re just back from a lovely walkies with Rafe and his mommy, had a bit of a shock as he’s brown (not black like i imagined) and alot larger than the other flatties i’d seen too lol !!  i was totally well and truly completely mugged as soon as i got out the car (oops sorry aunty Bev!!) what a lovely friendly boy he is!!

    all three dogs got on brilliantly – just a little squeal when Bonnie and Rafe bumped noses at high speed lol !!!  Bonnie was really enjoying herself chasing after the ball with Rafe she backed off when I know for sure before being “bevved” she’d have had his head off  :scared:

    we had a fab time and Rafe behaved perfectly even when him and bonnie crashed into each other a couple of times – oops !!  thats lurchers for you … running – yes, looking where they’re going – no !!!

    piccies on their way !!!

    Claire x


    SSShhhhh liver he’s liver  ;D glad you had a good time


    oops … sorry Rafe !  it was still a shock (i am sure his mommy has probably said but i didnt realise they came in other colours apart from black !)

    anyway … here’s what you really want – the piccies !!!

    rafe – in the woods

    rafe and bonnie – both moving !!

    rafe and wills
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b19/clairewarden/rafe/frommobilejan2008456.jpg[/img]

    ahem … no bribes here then 🙂
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b19/clairewarden/rafe/frommobilejan2008457.jpg[/img]

    rafe looking gorgeous – in more woods !

    rafe showing off his ‘sit’

    he’s such a good clever boy 🙂  he had a good snout down the live bunny homes too !!


    hes lovely ;D


    he sure is – totally goegeous everything a really doggie person would love (and those who dont care for dogs would hate lol !!!)

    i wore my white (yes rafe it was white) fleece on the walk lol !!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Claire 🙂


    was it brown by the end 😀 😀


    Ooh, he’s lovely!  We walk a liver flattie called Erin, although she’s a bit beefier than Rafe!  :gum:


    Rafe’s lovely Claire, nice pics, glad you had a nice walk  🙂


    fab pics, think thats the first pics weve seen of Rafe he is STUNNING!!  ;D Glad you had a good time


    I found the pictures!!!

    Yep… I remember the meeting clearly… See what must be Claire in car with cage in back and doggies.  Car door opens.  Rafe enters car.  On top of Claire…. Who is wearing a white top.

    As Rafe finally lets Claire out of the car I notice two large paw prints on the white top.  And she didn’t even complain about it!!  At which point I think Rafe and I both realised we were going to have a lovely time.

    Rafe was certainly a bit taken by Bonnie, and yes, the crashing into each other because of the intense focus on ball alone was quite funny!

    And Claire, they were nowhere near as barky as I’d anticipated, must be all that hard work you’ve been doing with Auntie Bev!

    Suz… are you sure you’re still up for being Rafed?  ;D


    aww he looks gorgeous :-* :yes: I’m glad you all had a good time 🙂

    (oooooooh claire – u need to make the shutter speed on your cam faster 😉 :-*)



    Laura – i’m ashamed to admit they are taken on a sony ericsson K850i (which has a 5MP cybershot built into it) with a flash that wouldnt light the average downstairs loo, a digital zoom which pixelises really quickly, small and light which is never good for keeping the camera still, i could go on …….  Now i’m even worse off though as its broken and the shop recon its gonna take up to 2 weeks to mend!!! 🙁

    Having said that – most of my shots come from that, it does a fair shot if you dont need the flash or zoom and can rest your arms on something lol !!

    Claire x

    p.s. wouldnt believe i passed GCSE photography lol !!! 😀


    lol i’ll let you off then 😉 :-*


    lol yep were still up for being rafed – will be fun, gotta love a flattie hug  ;D

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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