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    to ringcraft tonight – the boys stayed at home, and it was fletchers first time there, he loved it – i was busy helping train the dogs so fletch sat with various different people and waited quietly – such a good boy! then i did some training with him, and bless him such a star, he moves on the lead no problem 😀 he now totally shattered!


    good boy arrow dog  🙂 meet and greet lots of doggies nice for your mum xx


    hes doing very well bev – loves people and dogs, and kids and cats and rabbits and…….lol!! dex and honey have done a good job in teaching him to greet nice – we have none of this launch at full speed at other dogs he is very good! he met a lovely standard poodle at work today, the spent some time doing his best to get a springer to play lol!

    he gets to say hello to most people who come in the shop and he loves it!!

    he now asleep on back of the sofa with his head on my shoulder haha!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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