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    After reading the comments on here just thought I’d tell you what happened at our house the other day. We are having a giggle about it now but I wasnt too impressed at the time… Just a little silly story really.

    I had Aeryn (age 2) sat in the kitchen in her highchair and Katie (age 9) went out and made herself a bowl of weetabix. Only she didnt put the box back in the cupboard and the Aery Scary Monster got hold of it and one by one fed a whole box (48 minus the 2 that Katie had just eaten to be precise) to the 3 springers that were sitting open mouthed under the highchair waiting like baby sparrows. The mess was horrendous, it seems to get through the whole house, and I have seriously considered buying shares in a poo bag company, not to mention trowels to scrape up the cowpat size and style poos that have appeared in the garden.

    I was in the front of the house at the time doing some sewing, after 20 minutes or so I had that sinking thought that  “everything round here is rather quiet, whats going on…” And that was what I found  ::)


    Good that she is learninig to share  ;D :vomit:  not so good you have to clean up the aftermath  ::)


    Made me smile  ;D naughty of me I know  :nono:


    ha ha bless her  :canadian:


    i hope you praised her for sharing lol !!!!


    ;D ;D moral of the tale – as soon as it goes quiet check dogs and kids :yes:


    hehe sorry made me giggle too! :yes:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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