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    chiropracther today – great lady, she found aches and pains I didnt even know I had  😮

    so her verdict is…my neck bones – twisted left instead of straight which is why i have the sharp pains in my right shoulder at times. my lower back ones are also twisted – hence the sciatica etc pains in my leg. she thinks I may have a tiny bit of disc damage too general wear and tear from my job  :'(

    oh and my hip isnt quite right and my pelvis has locked – which also explains the back pain etc  😮

    and yes and i have low blood pressure  ::) cant remember last time i had it checked! But she says it explains the dizzy spells i get and the feeling like im going to pass out  :embarrass:

    i got to ice my shoulder and back tonight, and keep up the walking  :yes: and apparently im gonna ache tomorrow…….tomorrow? I ache NOW!!!  😀

    all in all great – she wants to see me twice a week – not happening at £30 a go I cant afford it, going as often as i can though see her again tuesday  ;D


    Have you not got HSA or the equivilent Suz??

    Glad you are getting sorted though! Hope you arent too sore  :-* :-*


    have no idea what HSA is – so i guess thats a no  😀

    not sore – achy – she said i would be, i got to say my poor back made some pretty horrific cracks when she did whatever it is they do!!


    HSA gives you half the money back on stuff such as Chiro, osteo, glasses, dentist, etc.

    They pay it direct into your bank account and are pretty quick about it- might be worth you looking at? :-\ 🙂


    oh now i got a form for something like that in the care pack the gave me……………..just had a look might be wort me looking into but the most they give back is up to £200 – and ive have to pay £6-75 a WEEK to get that cover – daft id be spending out nearly as much!


    hope you don’t ache too much hun.. hope it helps you feel less pain  :-*


    hope you feeling better soon :-*


    thanks!! im fine – glad i finally went  ;D


    First time at a Chiro OUCH!!  you WILL ache tomorrow, they are fab though, my dad worked for one in Scotland so we got ours done for free hurts at the time but you def get the benefits afterwards, hope it works for you :-*


    no-one would guess you’re younger than me !!!

    £30 is worth it if you get an extra maybe 10-15 working years in you as you age …. am sure Val will agree!


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=12546.msg242539#msg242539 date=1222378068]
    no-one would guess you’re younger than me !!!


    not sure how to take that Claire…………..  😉  😀  😀

    And yes its well worth the money – but i dont have a spare £60 a week – but will go as much as i can afford  :yes:  :-*

    Sue I didnt really ache today – few twinges, but nothing like i expected…which is good lol!! mind so much aches i dont think i would notice a few extra ones  😀


    defo worth it, i was there today it hurts like [email protected] but worth it in a few days after the initial pain has subsided lol

    mine is £32 about to be £34 a session and i can’t afford that either, but they used to me now, deal with each part as and when i come its the icky neck twisty thing that freaks me  :scared:


    not much hurt when she was sorting my neck etc out – she didnt do it all, dont think she had enough time  😀 but the sound  :surprise:  :vomit: <——————i nearly did that! then she was gonna do it on a count of three – sod off dont warn me just DO it and get it over with lol!


    yeah she does the second one a count of whatever and never does it on that number so you can’t tense up lol and yeah the noise is awful!  :agree:


    noise is awful  :agree:

    still shocked how much is wrong, never expected that  :surprise:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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