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    Got back lateish on sunday – had a brilliant time, had the best weather wve had in the last 3 weeks  ;D Honey however not so good  ::) had a very very nasty reaction to (we think) stinging nettles, naughty mummy had no anithistamine either  :embarrass: she woke me up about half 3 sat morning itching and crying with lumps the size of 50p coins  😮 she then decided she needed a wee shot of out the tent into the dark  😮 my friend grabbed her but i managed to fall over the tent ropes in my rush to go find her  :-[ and yes it did hurt  :boooo: Honey was a bit better in the morning but ended up taking her to the vet on site and getting a jab for her. Shes ok now still lumpy and some bits are very sore but prognosis is she will live  😉  :-* Otherwise she loved it, loads of dogs to see!

    Saw Sue and Kodi – sue sorry i couldnt get my stuff can i grab it next weekend at the leisure centre?  :-*

    Was great though – definately going next year if possible, didnt want to come home really!!  ;D

    Oh and then I was very ill last night – felt better in the morning, went to work, moved my car as customer needed to get out – bloody nail in the wheel  >:( so had to go get a new tyre, ended up rearranging my day as waited an hour for the tyres to be changed!!


    poor Honey  :-*  :-* sounds like a bad reaction.. hope she feeling better now  :-*  :-*
    You poisoned yourself hun? I did that last night, bleeeurch!
    Hope you are going to have a better week ahead  :-*
    Will try and email properly tomorrow  :-*  :-*


    I have a big roll of bubble wrap if you and honey would like some to stop hurting yourselves? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Seriously Poor Honey, hope the lumps go soon  :-* :-*

    Glad you are ok too Suz 🙂 :-*


    I ate too much crap at the weekend – then ate some really fatty pork last night – tummy said uhuh no way you eating all that and getting away with it  >:D  >:D

    you ok hun? what did you posion yourself with  😮  :-* email me tomorrow working late but will answer soon as i can  :-*

    Honeys ok – not itching it so the jab did its job – she tried to bite the vet  :-[ however one of the sorest places was her neck and she stuck the needle in – Honey swung round like owwwwwwwwwwwww and the vet let go – needle was just hanging out her neck – then honey got pissed off  >:D


    caught him by suprise i bet as she looks so cute n sweet lol !!!

    hope ur both feeling better

    claire x


    Bag is in the car, that way I wont forget it 😀

    Poor Honeybuns looked very sorry for herself, laying in the buggy, looked up at me a Kodi and went back to sleep bless her, hope she feeling better soon :-* :-*


    caught HER by suprise – she was faffing about, if a doctor took that long to stab ME with a needle i may be convinced to have a snap too!  >:D

    Thanks Sue  ;D

    Honey was feeling sorry for herself – bless her her feet have only just turned back to pink rather than red, some places are still red raw!  :-*


    wimmin *tcsh*




    Val bev – if that ever happened again do i shove a whole tablet down her throat…or just half as usual?? I have NEVER seen her react so badly………..


    wow thats sounds like a really bad reaction poor honey must have been awful for her  :boooo:


    yup poor Honey – shes nearly back to normal now!  ;D

    And bumpty bump for Val  ;D


    A whole one for the first day then half there after glad the little diva is feeling better next time take a hotel she will like that better  :ok:

    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12450.msg241182#msg241182 date=1221684426]
    yup poor Honey – shes nearly back to normal now!  ;D

    And bumpty bump for Val  ;D


    ok cheers Val  :-* she quite liked the camping – very good rarely on a lead around camp site – however first day get there setting up tents – she buggers off taking baby poodle ( CLEAN JUST GROOMED poodle i may add) off to a lovely muddy puddle jumped in and said come on poodle follow me  😮 cowbag!  ;D

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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