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    Beks started me thinking…..dangerous I know ::)
    she picked up her new pup at 7 weeks………
    what did you find was the best age to take on a new pup??
    Tam was 8 weeks which is the standard age most experts said is the right time.
    Willow was 9 weeks as we has a family wedding so the breeder kept her an extra week for me. Willow was more dog language savvy than Tam …… maybe her breed is more cautious anyway not putting themselves in danger but she seemed to understand other dogs more than Tam.
    I know Val said that toy breeds are older when they are past to there new homes.
    You have a fairly small window to train your pup before it learns it can say’ up yours’ and do as it pleases.
    So guys what age do you prefer to take on a pup and why? 


    well dex was 12 weeks – manny was 16 weeks ( both older as kept back as possible show dogs, dex didnt quite make the very high grade – manny did but looked like he was retaining his testicle and breeder decided to sell didnt bother me he was always going to be more pet than show dog – his testicles did both drop though in the end!!)

    I def think having dex that bit earlier than i did manny made a difference – but it hard cos they different breeds and so very different in themselves! HOWEVER dex had HUGE exposure ot both dogs and people when a pup as he came to my shop and he is without a doubt brilliant with people and kids – and dogs. manny got good exposure to both but not as much probably as much as the average dog i guess but no where near as much as dex and you can tell the difference. im glad new pup will get to come to work with me cos handled right i think it done dex the world of good!

    all that said BOTH my boys had good breeders – who were doing the basics with them, both were nearly housetrained just had accidents due more to new routine and me missing the signs – but they both knew to go outside – both been clean through the night from day one…..i will let you know if having my boys later than 8 weeks makes a difference as and when new puppy arrives – as hopefully will be nearer 8-10 week mark with that one.


    I prefer 8 weeks no more, no less….unless the pup is a singleton then I would consider earlier by a week but only if the pup wasnt getting the socialisation it should be getting at that age

    Livs came at 9 weeks, Jess was 10 weeks and Trix was 14 weeks old.

    Livs because of crufts, Jess was just timing and Trixie because of timing and it being just after Christmas he didnt want the pups sold as christmas presents.


    8 weeks, down to the exaxt day if i can. Younger.. Not so good, i think, older not so good for me. I like them to grow up with a certain amount of autonomie  but i like to be the centre of their universe. I only ever had one pup at the age of 16 weeks (Max) and i was never able to bond with him in the same way as the others. Could be because his personality was completely diff from the other pups i got after and befor him but i had no trouble with making them ‘mine’ when i pick them up at 8 weeks. Youngest i’d agree with is 7weeks and only if ready to leave mam, older than no older than  9 to 10 weeks than…. It got to be big love from the moment i’d lay my eyes on him, AND it would have to be mutual.
    But i am not into show, i need a pupper i can form, train and use it’s capacity from the moment he showes any sign of it. I need a partner, need to know what makes him tick, and need maximum time i can get to find possibilities to work around what evee the pup might struggle with.
    I find 8 week olds ideal to get complete devoted to you, form, shape and i got more time to let him show his full potential at his own speed.
    At 8 weeks, if breed well, they are still unspoiled, still as nature made them without to much influenced from possible bad experiences.


    it always been 8 – 81/2 weeks for me….certainly would never take one earlier….they need to learn as much as possible from mum and the sibling pack….but cubert was 10 weeks…as he was the last one, think he had been without siblings for about a week…and mum was no longer feeding….it seemed to bring him on in terms of self confidence and he had learnt how to amuse himself…by the same token …i think because he was on his own it was easy to bond with him so quickly because he wanted the company…i think it depends on the breed the litter mix and how much involvement mum has had….


    Nacho was 7 weeks and the first to leave the pack.
    He is sensitive and I am his world.  When we went to collect him he was the only one mum bothered with.

    I am glad I didnt know then what I know now cos I might have picked another.

    Bluebell was 9 and last to leave.
    She is very independent and hunting anything that moves is her world.


    My little dogs 10 to 12 weeks beardies MMmmm Jazz is the only one I have brought in a while she was 8 weeks usually I work it for a weekend Jazz came home after Crufts as the journey was so far,think she was a couple of days off 8 weeks.


    Dodgers was 8 weeks to the day and had 9 other litter mates. He was the first to leave. Uno was the only pup and mum rejected so he was bottle fed and part mothered by another female shepherd who had recently had pups earlier in the year. He was retained for showing but they let him go at 10 weeks because he still had a missing testicle. (Never did drop) When I collected him he was in with the older female shepherd and a 8 month old female too. He was clean throughout the night and toilet trained within 2 days! Me and Dodge upstairs and Boone slept downstairs in crate from day one. He never made a peep and is brilliant at entertaining himself!

    We have a lot of people bringing 5-7 week old puppies in because their so called ‘breeders’ said they were fully weaned and ready to go………


    I got both Arin and Theia at 7 weeks Zeus at 16 weeks Eris at 6 weeks!!!!! both Isis and Freya were born here.
    I am happy with picking up puppies at around 7 weeks.
    I cant belive looking back that Eris’s breeder would let me pick her up at 6 weeks but at the time i didnt think to much about it its only in the last 6 years (as i have learnt more and had my own litters) that i find it so wrong having said that Eris has no problems regarding the fact she left her mum so early.
    When i compare Arin and Theia having got both at 7 weeks they couldnt be more different Theia is a very bold and confident girl brought up in a mutli-dog house hold (all friendly confident dogs) exposed to lots of different things living with a small child, where as Arin was a nervous scrap of a puppy having been taken from her mum at just 3 weeks then at 5 weeks put into an outside kennel in breeders back garden where breeders other dogs would lunge and bark at the pups when let out into the garden, Arin because of her upbringing is highly strung and needy thankfully because she left the breeders at 7 weeks and the time i spent on her socialising she is a delight to own. iIhave seen may pups from the same breeders with temperment problems EXPECIALLY DOG ISSUES


    Have had only 3 dogs.  First was only puppy & sorry to say now, was 6 wks to the day…everyone back then said as soon as weaned, 6 wks fine.  Plus she was my first dog & I didn’t know what I was doing.  Didn’t know there was anything to know except the basics that various people told me, like feed 4 times/day, then taper off to 1.  Like train pup to use newspapers to potty while you at work & go outside when you home.  Like leash train w/choker collar (what’s that?).  No one I knew took their dog to obedience class, not sure I’d even heard of such a thing. It was a completely dif world in the 70’s.  Even vets would suggest things they would never suggest now & they were supposed to be the educated ones folks looked to for advice. For younger adults, it would be hard to imagine if they weren’t told.  The dark ages here.

    Now I cringe at the mistakes I made.  And don’t remember how I ever trained her to sit, stay, lie down.  Must have just taught by instinct, but sure now it wasn’t the best way.

    Next puppy…8 – 9 weeks so can spend time w/mom & litter mates.  My poor dog loved people, but never knew the joy of being w/other dogs.  Nobody knew anything about socialization back then.  No such word.  Times have completely changed here, w/dog training everywhere, large pet supply stores all over, fenced dog parks, my choice of groomers & little dogs all dressed up…ooops, sorry, Bev…didn’t mean to cause blood to boil, but Bev, they everywhere here…don’t know why.  :confused:


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