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    i’m currently awaiting the arrival of my first dogue de bordeaux female puppy, i cannot decide on a name, i want something that represents the breed of dog for example, Zeus or Hooch would be ideal names for a male but im struggling to come up with something similar sounding for a female. I like Nonook and Saigon but my husband doesnt – he came up with Tilly! – which with no offence to people to have a dog called that but i want something unusal and different, tilly just doesnt suit a Dogue. Please help.


    Hi and Welcome

    I knew of a DDB called Sadie- she was a real gem of a dog and perfectly Gorgeous!  :-*


    Tonantzin – Aztec Goddess

    there, search over  :agree:


    How about

    Bellona – Roman Goddess of War
    Geante – French for giant
    Baver – French for drool  ;D

    or you could have a look here http://lowchensaustralia.com/names.htm

    Marcatrude – which according to that link is an ancient feminine French name.  🙂


    i would go for BOOMER i think its a great name for a dogue!  ;D


    no name suggestions – but dont call it Hooch that is NOT original  😉


    I am puppy sitting a lovely Dogue De Bordeaux puppy who is 9 weeks old and he is called Sidney LOL and here he is [img width=468 height=351]http://i133.photobucket.com/albums/q69/leoti2/pongo017.jpg[/img] which breeder are you getting her from


    he is gorgeous leoti :-* i like hooch and boomer but as suz says they not very original 😉

    how about Nikora or Kora?


    How about Hestia – Very little is known about this serene, peaceful goddess other than she was the sister of Zeus and both Poseidon and Apollo sought her hand in marriage.


    Merlot, Sauvignon, Médoc, are wines from the Bordeaux region.  I quite like Merlot or Medoc. ;D


    mmmmm I know a Taz, a Honey and a Dakota, you need something thats not going to be too much of mouthful, remember you’ll be calling it out across parks and fields so you dont want it to be too wierd either 😉


    I shout Tallulah and Hermione!  What’s wrong with those????? :butt: :yes: ;D


    hooch and dakota are corny american to me

    I like Hestia – tia for short ?

    or if you want somethink linked to heritage how about Ellie after Eleanor of Aquitaine (now known as Bordeaux).  she sounds a good bet – wealthy and powerful and the mum of 2 english kings, and queen to a french and english king.

    this is a description of her “Eleanor was extroverted, lively, intelligent, and strong willed” …. she could have entered “dog most like its owner” with this as this sounds DDB all over to me.

    Claire x


    What about calling her Magentas, as this is the name of the B**ch that won the first Dog show in Paris at the Jardin d’ Acclimatation in 1863 and she was a douge de bordeaux


    hehe – she could be “madge” for short !!

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