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    last night my farrokh was fast asleep next to me as all ways  his feet were going and he was growling witch is odd as he never growls when he is awake i would love to know what he was dreaming  abount was it a new bone he has a new bone every two weeks from our local butcher a big leg bone one week his dad cut it in half to get at the marrow he took one look at it and walked off one day i had some one come to my door trying to sell something and ferrokh had left his bone near the front door so i picked it up and opened the door the chap took one look and went away so now if i want to get of salesman i just pick up his bone and say i wish he would leave his bone some where else it works try it


    haha – u should have said “could you hand this to the last guy on your way out”

    LOL !!!!!!!!

    I recon William dreams about being lost because he howls like a howly thing and he never howls when he’s awake.  Bonnie ‘talks’ in her sleep same as when awake – she’ll either be asking for a ball or more dinner lol !!!! 😀

    claire x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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