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    The new web site http://www.cruftslive.tv

    What do you think of it so far? 
    The quality?
    The items shown?
    The programm schedule?
    Anything that you miss from BBC2?

    Sorry to say I am currently on a very slow connection, but am getting very posative feedback from home.


    the streaming is excellent

    Picture is really clear too!

    Only issue I would have is that you cant maximise the screen


    ditto the above

    it’s nice to sit down and watch bits of the whole day on the tv but i’m sooo pleased i don’t have to sit and listen to the silly presenters anymore ::)


    yep I agree!

    Though not impressed with the pay for on demand  :boooo:


    yep is good but I dont have any sound ???, but that could be my pc ::) ::)


    Im going to pay for on demand i think, i feel cut off without the tv coverage!  🙁


    i think its great, but hope that next year they have cams in all the rings so you can watch whatever you want obedience etc


    Double click on the small screen & it will maximise (that should have beeen pointed out on site though)
    I love it. I have a slow BB connection & I get fast clear play.
    I watched the agility yesterday & the HTM….better camera angles (probably from handheld cameras, which are more mobile)


    Very good – will prob watch mostly on Sunday though  ;D


    I think the Crufts live tv is brilliant better than the bbc at least we get to see each breed in the group being gone over by the judge and a plus side we dont have to suffer that fool ben fogle


    Just watched the little sheltie from Finland in HWTM – brilliant routine, very good score but then hammered for barking so came 5th. Commentator said could have been higher in the results if she could stop him barking, shelties live to bark ::) ;D


    Whoops ;D poor woman with the Canadian Eskimo dog, it had a crap just as the judge was looking at it ;D ;D 


    Love the Newfie, hope he wins


    Mary Ray, goosebumps and tears!


    I think the boxer owner was not expecting to get this far!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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