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    Hi people

    I’ve owned many dogs in my time, I prefer large dogs and have owned several Dobermanns, Old English Sheepdogs, Border collies etc.  I hae a lot of experience with dogs and used to show when I was younger.  My favourite breed is the Dobermann and the Great Dane.

    I am the proud owner of a beautiful black Great Dane bitch, she is 9 months old and considering her age very well behaved.  She is doing fantastically well at obedience training and we have started some agility with her.  She is walked daily a minimum of an hour (which I know is too much) and when she isn’t out walking she is curled at my feet snoring.  I absolutely adore this dog the only problem I have with her is when she is in her crate.

    She is not closed into the crate very often I try to take her out with me as often as I can, when we are out for the day she is baby sat by the in-laws so the problem is not due to her being left alone.

    I’ve witnessed her weeing on her bedding, usually after she has just come in from the garden, or just back from a walk, I am not sure why she does this and I am constantly washing her bedding.  The only time she is locked into the crate is when I have to pop out for short periods or when we go to bed.  She does not cry when she is in the crate and quite often goes into it of her own accord.  I am completely at a loss as to why this is happening.

    Any suggestions?


    Shazza N


    Hi.. I am sure one of the others will be able to help you  🙂

    Just a thought… what do you wash the bedding in after each pee? Could it be that she can still smell it? I think biological stuff is what you need to use to ensure that the smell is gone and not just ‘masked’

    It may help if you could tell us what she is fed on too…. 🙂


    hi and welcome

    can we have some more info re the actual behaviour?

    does she come in and sniff scent at the bedding first
    does she do and turning type behaviours or just straight in and squat
    does she ever do it when she already been in there for any length of time
    when did she start to do it…when was the first time and what were the circumstances
    is water available at all times
    what are you feeding her
    what sort of quantity of urine is released…as in a full wee or a dribble and does this vary re if already been in crate for a while etc as above
    have you done a dip test on the urine
    what sort of bedding are you using
    has she had a season yet

    will try to help


    Hi and welcome  🙂


    Hi & Welcome

    Is she nuetered?

    Can we have some piccies please ;D


    Hi there !

    You say she’s doing it after coming in from the garden, is this coming in after being let out specifically for a wee and having gone for a wee while out there ?

    Claire x

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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