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    Love this, the dog with Will Young is Mary Ray’s Levi



    that totally brill ..thanks for that lassie…wonder how long it took him to learn the cues …think it needs coming out of gossip…but can’t remember how to split lol


    I have a video of Richard Curtis take at a fun day/dog show, he was brilliant but I can’t put it on line as I am crap at computers. Would love to give it a go but would trip over my own feet ::) 


    Done and Done!  :ok:

    I’ve been on a few Richard Curtis workshops, did one with Jess and one with Livs

    Livs had a great time being a clown  ::)

    they are great for a beginner and if you have no worries of being silly


    Hello Lassie & Kizkiznobite & Izzie
        Loved that video–feel like I’ve just received a
    little shot of happiness.  Not familiar with Will Young.
    British perhaps?  What a soothing voice.  Am trying
    to teach myself to use computers on my IPhone.
    Will try to go to “Introductions” & introduce myself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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