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William dog

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    William lost his fight.  :'( :'(

    He was a true character who touched a number of people with his happy go lucky attitude.

    One of the very few dogs who Jess took too immediately.

    (((HUGS))) Claire, I am so sorry hon  :-* :-*

    Run free William dog, you were loved so very much by so many people xxx


    Sorry to read this he was a lovely lad all my girls liked him.
    Some of my beardies and little Peki will be at the bridge to greet him Run Free William


    well william boyo…awkward to the last eh, what a day to say bye bye l  :-*

    will miss you fluffy bum  :'(  remember to duck as santa flies over the bridge and say hi to the white dog club when you meet them

    claire…hugs to you and steve …and especially the little man who will wonder where his wee lad has gone

    [img width=454 height=468][/img]


    So sorry claire!  :'(  Run free william  :-*


    run free william :-* ((hugs)) claire


    So sorry Claire, you did him proud, he had a happy life, hugs to you all especially Harry  :-*


    Run free william  :-* :-*


    Run free William  :-* {{{hugs}}} Claire  :-*


    So sorry Claire :-* Run Free William :-*


    So sorry to read this. It not been so long ago i saw that nice pic of him that Bev just showed.

    Hunt little one, hunt free.


    So sorry Claire, didn’t know he was ill
    Run free Wills dog :-*



    William was not ill, he was his usual dog self – that morning i’d already let them out, fed them and fussed them and all seemed absolutely fine.

    I came downstairs about 11am and as I walked in he just went from standing up to collapsed infront of my eyes.  He was laid on one side, his front legs totally rigid and flailing around manically, his back legs desperately trying to get up on the laminate floor but not being able to co-ordinate properly.  From the very first second – he could no longer stand and was hyperventilating at a rate of knots peddling his feet wildly in panic as he seemed to retain consciousness to a fair extent.

    We got him to the vets about 10 minutes after this first started and they checked him over quickly and then advised we should take him to a specialist neurological vet which was at a centre 40 mins away but as it was xmas eve we had to decide and go right then.  We found if we held his front legs he seemed to calm alot, stop hyperventilating as they could not give him anything so steve did this all the way there in the back while i drove there. 

    The specialist saw him and explained that to diagnose what was happening that he would need a general anaesthetic so they could do an MRI scan and a spinal fluid tap, that would be around an hour and i could not stay with him.  Once he was brought round again it is very likely that he would continue the seizure (if he made it through that) he would have to remain there in intensive care very heavily sedated on a drip and being tube fed.  There would be very little treatment they could offer apart from the sedation and he would be routinely brought round and re-sedated to check on his neurological observations and that if he was going to pick up it would be around 3 weeks before we saw any kind of progress towards coming out of intensive care, there was no guarentee that his brain hadnt been damaged beyond functioning properly or that he would ever stand again.

    Again, because it was xmas eve we had about 10 minutes to decide to go this route as they were closing early. 

    So I sat, on the floor in the consulting room looking at my beautiful dog unable to stand, panicking and crying out constantly and summoned the courage to do what I had always promised him I would. 

    I will never forget the vet putting his hand on Williams chest and saying he’s totally gone now.  He slipped away so peacefully I couldnt believe just how calm it was, I just buried my face in his gorgeous coat and howled the place down.  I couldnt leave him so far away with strangers so I picked him up and cuddled in tight lovely dog smell 🙂  carried him to the car and drove him back home.  I got him out and wrapped him in a fleece blanket and took him to the grave Steve had so kindly dug him and just before dusk we lowered him in, both had a last stroke of his lovely coat, covered him back over with the blanket and i stood and filled up the hole and re-turfed it.

    Xmas morning we woke to find the snow had covered his little grave it was as if he knew I couldnt bear seeing all the disturbance of the previous day.  We then had to drive the 3 hours up to break the news to Harry on Xmas day …

    So, thats it …. just a couple of hours – what a difference they do make. 


    So sorry to read this, run free William.  Hugs Claire  :-*


    so so sorry to read this Claire, hugs to you all there  :-*


    Nabbed a pc just so I can come and say how sorry I am again – I loved William  :-*

    Run Free little Fella  :'(

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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