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    sorry bit of an odd one! went out this morning to sort william as always – blood in his run – cannot find where its come from so think a tiny cut/banged nose whatever – ANYWAYS my friends helping me look at him – hes not been neutered and his little testicles look really odd – now niether of us are up on rabbit anatomy but he has one small one and what looks like one large one – anyone have any idea at all??

    wonderig if a trip to the vets next week will be a good idea??


    ooh I dunno but that don’t sound right  :-\ maybe you should get him looked at  :-\


    Could be an absess but best to get it checked out hon


    I dont think its an abcess – hes pretty easy going but we had a good squeeze haha and even he wouldnt of stood it if it was an abcess least i dont think so!!

    But thanks you just confirmed what i thought – will get him up there next week and i expect will be nuts off!!


    hope he’s ok Suz  :-*


    Williams booked in for 24th to be neutered, I didnt want to stress him by taking him for a check up then back another day to be neutered – so he goes in on 24th has a appointment ( FOC i might add woohoo to my vets!!) for a check up and then if its all ok the op to neuter him!!


    Well he was neutered ad all is fine – no stitches so just kept an eye on him – he wasnt even a tiny bit quiet after hed been done !! be the kittens turn soon!! about august time !


    Glad he’s ok  :ok:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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