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    Run free Wodan  :-* :-*


    Run free Wodan xx


    So sorry Diesel 🙁 only just seen this. Its hard now but remember all the wonderful memories you have of a very special dog, your special dog – the trip to see the wolves , him being so quick to learn his job and his wonderful relationship with Sunshine and the kids.
    Tam is showing his age now, the arthritis is affecting his hips as well as his front legs, his hearing and eyesight are not so good. I only hope I can be as strong as you when the time comes.

    Run free strong and brave Woden, if ever a dog was well named it was you xxx


    Run free Wodan, forever young and healthy :-* ((hugs to you Deisel and to the rest of your pack

    Travis 1

    Run free Woden

    So sorry to hear this sad news Diesel,but you are left with great memories of this very regal gentleman.

    I loved reading the thing’s Woden would get up to,every time I think of Woden, the butcher’s shop always comes to mind and I always smile to myself,my thought’s are with you Sunshine and the kids


    Oh Diesel no im so sorry  :'( only just read this and my hearts breaking for you i know where your at right now  :'(  :-*

    Run Free Wodan  :-*  :-*


    Like you Diesel I haven’t been on here for a while. I have also read with much interest your tales of Wodan. It’s so sad that they are with us for such a short while. It is only you and your family that are suffering now. Wodan is free. May you all have strength to take you through this very sad time. x


    I knew upfront i would miss this one, i knew it. He was my very special boyo. My rock. Even when we were waiting for the vet, sitting outside in the sun, him on his blanket beside me…. Even then he grumbled at Dieseldog to keep his foodtrap shut and not bark at the girlies of the neighbours… Even then..

    When the vet came, he almost seemed at peace with it. His head in my hands, his chest on my lap…. At first she couldn’t find the vain and sunshine had to put pressure on his leg for the vain to show. He didn’t even bat an eyelid. Sniffed the vet, said his ‘hello’. When she put the catheder in he just looked at me as if to say ‘this is it, your on your own now, time for me to go’. Kept staring at me till his eyes closed forever  :'( …..

    Me?… well Dieseldude’s kaput, and my Dieseldog is a mess. He keeps looking for big bro… Works a bitch that keeps biting me in the neck, remembring what i have lost. Even Wodan’s ducks are looking for him as till the last day, he kept dragging himself together with my son to the little ducks…

    I’ve been internetsurfing yesterday and it seems like everything stopped with Wodan. Wodan became topdog at the age of 5… same as Diesel’s age now….
    Same day as 11th april, the day my boy went, i got a letter from one of my suppliers saying they are out of business. The supplier of… duckfood. That i need for Wodan’s ducks….. and yesterday, online, i found out that Diesel’s breeder, who breed with the lines that Wodan came from,… stopped breeding.
    Apparantly  right after Diesel was born. Diesel was his last litter….

    Between now and 4 years from now, i will welcome a new puppy.. His name is picked. Been picked when i begged the gods to let me have Wodan a little longer 2 years ago with the first stroke. I promissed in a prayer to name him that, if they would let Wodan stay. I will keep that promisse.
    Wodan will help me pick the right little one…


    ((Hugs)) Diesel you will know when the time is right for another pooch, just as one day you will smile thinking of a memory of Woden without so much sadness cluching at the heart.
    We never forget dogs that have passed, sometimes our present dogs give us a shock by doing something a dog from the pasted did, I live everyday with the memory of Layla because her daughter is so like her in looks and ways she’s fourteen in July thats a worry, but all we can ever do is love them for as long as they stay with us, as we do all our dogs present and pass.
    Here’s to Woden the great black wolf

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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