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    i read this this am lassie…it the follow up to the TV prog earluier in the year….and it set off a number of brain responses….first and foremost was the horror of it of course…but other stuff kicked in too…politcal stuff…we dont do politics do we…racist stuff…and no we def dont do that….the financial climate…and yep it is impacting on this stuff because it easy money…the predator stuff…as in empowerment and the human predator etc…but you know what? the bit that well hit home for me…..and yes there was a woman involved but the headline?….the main issue was about a man..,.this so called ‘king’….they picked up the woman element as the headline….

    just the old feminist in me….sick is sick regardless of gender….thought better of the times actually…sort of headline i expect from the sun….those headlines will distract from the real problem…..

    this been going on for centuries….make something a criime / drive it underground….

    flak jacket on  ::)


    My brain raced with stuff from this article but the thing that has stayed most is the poor dogs – what a horrific existence.  What a sad horrible fearful existence.  How very very sad. 

    Yes there is anger and I understand why it happens but I cant possibly agree with any aspect but my hot thought about it all.  Poor poor dogs.  I also realise that due to all the stuff that Bev said and more that this will continue and continue and continue.

    And the headline – yep more than typical of the media.


    The headline catches the attention because women are suppose to be the nurturing sex, stereotype I know but to most people the fact a woman can do this or hurt kids shocks them. Once the attention is on the headline people will read the rest of the text, may be a cheap trick but it works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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