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Wondering about stuff

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    that dog is dead now – they got a new golden – nice at first – now behaves same as last one.

    Ive been thinking about this sort of thing a lot recently
    – why is it some people always end up with the same problems –

    Some of you may remeber that last year i was trying my hardest to sort out a young collie who had numerous issues – but i felt that if taken out of the enviroment that he was in he would make a great dog
    I really struggled with do i take him myself or not – he had proven agressive towards people and had attacked Meg – BUT i was sure that it was the kakkie management from the owners not the dog
    I decided that my loyalties lied with Meg and i didnt feel that i could put her in that situation so i decided i couldnt take him – he was then put to sleep
    they now have another dog and they have been to classes etc and had a lot of help BUT i can still see similarities – they cant let it off lead, crap round other dogs ok the issues are no where near as serious but they are there

    Someone else i know has 4 dogs – 2 are dog aggressive and 1 is people especially children (and Val its a beardie) aggressive – they have had these dogs since pups not rehomes or rescues

    ok i know im not perfect and my dogs arnt fantastic or anything but they arnt aggressive – im happy to admit ive made mistakes but non of my dogs are going to take a chunk out of any passing dog  😉

    So where are they going wrong with these dogs ?


    personally (and i am speaking from severe personal cock up point of view also…  :'( ) i think it is inability to understand and read and manage the dog, inconsistency, harsh handling sometimes alternated with spoiling, lack of training – and if people fail to be able to read one dog then get another – they are going to do exactly the same – and on it goes….  :'(

    dorain was attacked by a beardie once – along the canal bank – wasn’t human aggressive though, and was the only aggressive beardie i have ever met.  😉


    I think you can see who’s going to be a “problem” Dog owner from how they are with the puppy from day one.
    We’ve had people picking up their pups at socialisation class “because the others were barking & I don’t want mine to bark”. (this pup is now 6 months old & has nervous aggression)
    We had a pup come to classes & the owner when asked told us she slept on his bed, ate whatever he left on his plate & “wasn’t walked today as it was raining”.
    They only came for a few months & the puppy was quickly getting out of control.
    2 years later they have returned with their “problem Dog” who is destructive & cannot be left for 5 minutes. She has severe weight issues & NO muscle tone whatsoever.
    I’d like to give the owners a few home truths, but as they are at least attending a club I find it hard to drive them away.



    are they pet bred ??

    Claire x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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