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    I think I may be exercising Nacho too mudge.  I am trying to get my fitness levels up and lose weight.  So am eating more healthy and exercising lots.  :surrender:

    I have been cycling a lot and walking with pooch.  I think I may be doing too mudge with him though as he is slowing down a lot.  We have been averaging 15miles of cycling (he walks or runs alongside) and maybe an hours worth of walking a day.

    Yesterday we did 20miles of cycling (10miles in morning and 10miles late afternoon) and on second cycle he was jogging rather than his usual running.  He slept until 11am this morning – lazy wee sod  ;D  and then this afternoon was walking and jogging rather than running at all. 

    Am I pushing him too mudge  ???  His muscles look great and he is in great condition but I dont want to cause him injury.  I suppose I should go at his pace rather than mine. 


    mmm …thought we had discussed this a wee bit hun?

    but ok…so

    what you feeding him for stamina and when etc…. 😉


    He isnt as hyper about the whole scenario now.  Have done that sometimes we do sometimes we dont.  To be fair he at happiest when out with bikes.  Totally disinterested in going out and playing with ball.  Enjoying hide and seek and stuff.  No longer doing flyball, read up a lot on injuries and the weather with rain has increased the danger.

    He still gets fed twice a day.  Gets bones and raw in morning and gets some carbs at night (pasta if I know we are cycling next day and mashed potatoes too).  Will give him extra stuff if cycling like cheese, tripe – whatever there is – too be honest not thought too mudge about that….. Yep big mistake obviously.  :boooo:  His weight is consistent so I thought that would be good enough.

    Just want a happy pooch……………  :help:


    Well IMO 15 miles of running next to a cycle daily is way too much exercise for your dog.

    First of all exercise should be varied so that you are not exercising the same muscle groups all the time (think of all the different exercises in a gym).

    Secondly the more exercise you give a dog or a person the more it will need.

    Thirdly, dogs do not get their energy from carbohydrates, they get it from fats therefore if you increase the energy needs of the dog then you must give the dog more energy via fats and/or calorifically dense foods. Too much bulk via carbohydrates will a) not provide the energy required and b) could predispose the dog to bloat.

    A dog should never be RUNNING over that distance in any case; dogs will TROT in endurance situations not run or gallop!

    Look at GSD they are bred to trot all day as a living fence etc.  

    The Ausdauerprufung test is held over 12 miles and that is the continental endurance test.

    My dog competes in Working Trials and Schutzhund and I only bike him 2/3 times a week.  I intersperse this with swimming, tracking, walking and other exercises and decide whether I am working on stamina, speed, strength or skills.

    I believe that you are predisposing this dog to injury acute and/or chronic.


    we have been here mudgie really we have…and i know you and i know you going to be upset by this so hugs…but…

    how many times and in how many posts have i said dogs get energy from fats…instant energy… i have said over and over that if i am working mine or they up for a hard day even tho i feed flexitime ….on those days they get the raw mutton 30/45 mins prior and during…there is a vid or pics that xtine did of me giving babyboyo mutton on a walk….
    they bred to work…they can do long hours with breaks ….but no matter how fit they are they need stamina and energy boosts…that needs input…

    he happiest out with bike for sure…but he doesnt know his limits…sometimes hun…we have to protect the high drive dogs from themsleves….
    u know where i am x


    Gosh Mudgie
    Beardies can go all day but not running with a bike for that long and not that far, they have done the milage moving cattle but they would still go in a down between droves.
    Always feed fats even if I am just showing


    okay – uphill is 3 miles (he walks this beside me as I go too slow for any other), at top 2 miles on flat he trots along beside me, downhill on way back 3 miles.

    I get the idea that he needs more stuff for stamina so will look at that.  He doesnt just get this exercise he gets other stuff too but not on same day so am not just working same muscles.  He does agility and swimming twice a week too and free running with other doggies.  

    and as an afterthought – I ask on this board for advice because I am unsure of stuff and want to do the best for my dog – also I think it is good to share so that inexperience can result in knowledge not only for myself but for others in same or similar situations who are reading the posts.  Thankful now that I posted cos if I was predisposing my dog to injury on purpose that would really make me a crap owner. Thanks for the advice will take it onboard even the shouting bits  ::) 


    We all try to do what we think is best for those we love.  Sometimes it takes someone from a distance to put forward an unemotional and clinical view of the situation as we, eg owners etc, are too close to see the bigger picture. :agree:

    but whatever you are on, do you want to tell me what it is?  :yes:


    Not on anything medical if that is what you mean.  Just trying to live in the moment, be more mindful, live healthier and appreciate the good stuff and ignore the bad  ;D and I have found the most incredible way of doing all that ….. by relaxing and chilling a bit more, but most of all just want to improve my relationship with my pooch.  🙂 

    Sometimes it can be a bit daunting posting on here when we get back stuff that challenges our behaviour and our dog’s health but once it is in perspective it all makes sense.

    Thanks everyone – even those who are a bit more  p:-) than others  :whistle:

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