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Worming and fleas and skin- not urgent

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    Hi all,

    Hope you lot don’t think I’m being pesky, got a lot of questions I should maybe know the answers to now.  Had a tongue lashing from my mate today, were talking about the pooches and she asked whether I frontline or flea tablets, said neither because I check Toby weekly and he’s never had fleas, no sign of fleas etc.  She says I’m being irresponsible, all that wiry fur blah blah.  I absolutely don’t want to frontline, he got enough itchy bits without me adding something else to his skin, if I use the magic grooming spray will this be prevention enough, cos if so we getting the ingredients this weekend.

    So then she says, but you must worm him, she uses Milbemax?, gave me one of her tablets this morning, she insistent but I’m giving them back tomorrow, never seen any sign of worms so we haven’t wormed him in the past seven months, bit worried that this was irresponsible now, so if I do worm naturally how often?  Thought we were doing the right thing keeping unnecessaries away from him, now not sure.

    I have read a lot of threads through the search but just want to be sure given his wee size and  itchiness.  Thanks  :-*

    Also, the itchy muzzle has subsided but he is now all bald and still a bit scaly, still using aloe vera just to keep it soft but the fur regrowth will be slow right?  Anything we can put on it?  Alex spotted a very bald bit in the middle of one ear too, seems to have gotten bigger, then stopped, its bald and about the size of a penny but not scaly like the muzzle, can’t put my finger on what that is. 

    doG, glad his barking seems to have settled, its like having kids, I worry about him  🙁


    i’m guessing you found bev’s post on this page re worming – but yes, i don’t know if tobydog would need as much of anything as he’s not quite as big as a clumber.  😀


    what sort of dog has your mate got – hope it not a collie  >:D

    as for irresponsible – tell her to go research the effects of chemical wormers and flea treatments  >:D or i can send you some info to give her ….

    you cannot overworm with natural wormers

    but i would say about 1/3 of a mug of pumpkin seeds and about 4 oz of nice ripe smelly stilton after he been to the loo

    i worm only if
    1) they have any signs – very very rare
    2) they been in a strange area with poor poo pick up
    3) a rescue comes in am not sure about
    4) if a faecal tests shows signs – also very very rare

    pup was wormed by breeder at 8 weeks – has been wormed once since with natural wormer – last weeks sample all clear

    the spray works just fine and give him a bit of garlic too – that will help esp ticks – and will clean his blood up


    Thanks Bev, that’s put my mind at rest!  Feel much happier knowing that, and he will love the stilton, he mad on cheese!


    yep vals spray works perfect long as you remember to use it  😉

    never done the wroming – I think i wormed Honey once conventionally years and years ago – made her sick as………..well a dog  ::) never wormed her since………….and cos of how she is I would only do the natural way if I had to – she never had worms yet  :-\


    Toby will be fine  🙂 I haven’t used tablet wormers for about 2 years now and just give the pumpkin seeds now and then when I remember, never had any problems with Piper. I’ve not used Frontline for about 3 years and use Vals spray, never had a flea or tick  🙂


    Kodi hasnt been wormed since she was a pup, so how irresponsible am I 😮 😮 none of my dogs have ever had fleas or worms, have never bought any sort of flea stuff, I give mine garlic twice a week, little gel tab in dinner, because when we go to a particular field Dex has gotten a couple of ticks, but since he’s had garlic tabs , nothing, when I first came on this board, over 2 years ago now I did the stilton pumpkin seeds for Dex but havent done it since, your friend will be horrified  if you tell her that 😀

    Def give back those tablets 😛 😛



    I have not used chemical wormer or flea treatment on Bonnie at all, and I stopped with William before that (2-3yrs ago now) although I had never wormed/flea treated him as often as they say.  Neither dog has ever had worms/fleas/ticks etc…

    Misty came with a tick on her  😮 but I removed it (with great assistance from kiz) and she’s not been treated with chemical wormers/flea treatment for the last year (i suspect the tick was on her from rescue kennels in ireland and had been missed as it took me a while to notice with her being skitty).

    Dont give it back – flush it and give friend a mouthful back about poisoning her dog … flipping evil stuff.  >:D

    Claire x

    p.s. I dont think flea’s care if fur is wiry or not x x x x x x


    i worm my dogs with milbemax – and i take offence at the implication i am poisoning them.


    That stuff kills collies and thats a fact

    [quote author=GSPmad link=topic=11873.msg227156#msg227156 date=1214597791]
    i worm my dogs with milbemax – and i take offence at the implication i am poisoning them.


    i don’t have collies.  ::)


    Not sure I want to use anything on my dogs that has the potential to kill another breed………  :-\


    OK, have all the ingredients for the spray, thanks Val, you are good to us  :-*

    We are going to keep an eye on the worms situation but have made a note of your measurements Bev so we know how much of the seeds and cheese to give.

    Back to his itchy bald bits, he now has a patch near the tops of both ears about the size of a penny each, totally bald and is coming out in small clups when he scratches, but no rash, redness or scalyness, just looks a bit dry and shiny underneath.  A bit worried with it being on both sides, don’t  look like his muzzle does either,  and ideas what this coule be.  Inside ears look fine.  Mange or ringworm possibly, with it being round patches?  could it be related to the problems he’s been having with his muzzle?


    pop up some photos  :-*


    We’re going to have to I think, you know he’s a bugger for having a camera around, even to the point of cowering but I can’t leave it like this and don’t want to go vet given the cost of the consultation last time if we can avoid it.  Will be back, hopefully with pics!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 77 total)
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