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    YAY 🙂 ;D
    she was fab and totally deserved it. her reaction at the end  😀 bless her she was in shock!  ;D


    she has a great voice – but I thought JSL were great too – think Alex is a black version of Leona so would have liked JSL to win for that reason  ;D


    Iam so Glad Alexandra won she was amazing ;D 

    Epecially the performance with beyonce that was brillant  😮


    Good results thought they were all good this year apart fron the 2 girl bands 😛


    hannah wanted egg nog to win too but after watching alex with beyonce i thought she was amazing and made me cry too  :yes:
    glad she won but wasn’t sure what the jls comment at the end was about though anyone get that?? something about winning ??


    ohh no i didnt catch that, what was all that about? ???


    It basically means that you shouldnt give up – after victory there is still victory.  Like Obama, Venus & Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton… black people are succeeding in all areas of life now and not to give up.


    ahhh thanks didn’t know what it meant  :happy:

Viewing 8 posts - 106 through 113 (of 113 total)
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