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    Bev/ val said id ask for advice on this -american cockers, litter brothers nearly 2yrs, both suffered with skin infections but the boy today suffers most i think ( both in full coat ) anyways, hes got yeasty ears and feet  – def yeast recognise that look and smell anywhere BUT how best to treat – he on fish 4 dogs food, and treats the odd raw carrot but she been real strict with extras – is thyroid test worth it, it is something the breed can suffer with and also an inherited disease which sadly ISNT tested for.

    cheers in advance!!


    Same old thing crap food packed in the UK,change the food would be a good start, then good old Hibiscrub.
    Terrible that they are not health checking, thyroids are always worth checking especially if they are being bred on.
    What is the inherited problem?


    Val will have to double check the full name – but apparently it is an inherited problem, can cause all sorts of related issues……..not sure how much its discussed in the breed though…….


    suz…lost in the mire here???

    ears? feet? how know it yeast??  been swabbed?
    genetic? ok okok but…genetic and it yeast…would really like to know the test that shows genetic probs with yeast??

    help me out a bit hun

    if dog has ‘yeast’ prob in say paws…??? then easy to check out…scrape look confirm…apply live yoghurt wrap 24 hours…then scrape look problem gone/reducing….


    No bev yeast not genetic – it the thyroid problem i was chatting to val about thats poss is but that not this dog.

    Not 100% sure it yeast but looks like it to me and yep in ears and feet .


    ok…we linking posts a wee bit but…yeast is a reaction…so…any pics?


    Yep might see the dog on friday depending on what other stuff i have to get done haha if i do will get pics as have told her im asking for advice x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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